Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Beth Scott (Overnight COps)

Note : All Monzo Q&As to date can be found here :grinning:

Monzonauts, Monzonians, Monzoneers, Monzoers…WELCOME!

Some time has passed since the last of these threads. 7 days, to be precise. 7 rotations of 24 hours since the last time I got to write a hilarious forum thread introduction. It would be a lie to say I have spend this entire time thinking of witty repartee. In fact, I just make it up as I go along. Life is more fun that way. Probably.

I am still working on the secret project. I still cannot say what. But that aside, we are all very excited for the month of May :grinning:Who knows what might happen? Well, you should, cuz we posted the update.

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Also, it’s nearly Star Wars Day!


But, enough! Let’s get to the main event!

Sitting in the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️ today… BETH SCOTT!!! From our Overnight COps Team! You know her, you love her… @BethS is indeed in the house :sparkling_heart:


Beth started here in January 2018, is working on “Helping customers, cats and those in financial difficulties.”
She enjoys watching crime shows, fake or factual, she doesn’t mind!

Her favourite thing about working at Monzo is “Financial education and helping customers feel empowered and knowledgeable”

So… let’s get those questions in for Beth! She’ll be here later in the week to answer them!

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Do you like cats? :thinking:


What is the ratio of drunk to sober enquiries on an average night shift?

What is the weirdest obviously drunk question you’ve seen?


What is the weirdest obviously drunk question you’ve heard?

Most unbelievable yet true crime case you’ve heard of? This is my favourite. Found out about it recently from the podcast They Walk Among Us. Made me really sad but impressed that he stumped investigators for so long

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What is the ratio of enquiries from travelers abroad vs those in the UK overnight?


What is the weirdest obviously drunk question you’ve replied to?


I second that :rofl:

Working remotely, How do you keep yourself focused on work?

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Hey Beth :wave:,

Let’s get the most important question out of the way first. Pineapple on Pizza, you a fan? (:pizza: + :pineapple: = :question:)

How is your work structured throughout the night? (I.e. when do you take breaks etc?). :coffee:

What’s one of the most common queries you get during the night? :thinking:

Do you feel because contacting Monzo is so incredibly easy compared to “traditional banks”, Monzo can build better relationships with its customers? Do you think there are drawbacks to having such an easy way to contact customer services? (For example, I’ve talked with Monzo way more than my old bank because it’s just so damn easy!)

What feature are you most looking forward to Monzo releasing? :monzo:


When asked a question that you do not know. How do you ensure the question doesn’t get lost as you find the answer? I.e. more people must be asking questions so how do you prioritise work.

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How did you hear about Monzo?

Also - do having cats walking around the place and pineapple pizza ready in the oven ever delay you from answering customer queries? Like, not you but various times I’ve used chat it says ‘Seen’ 10 minutes before a reply.

Is that because of the cat and pizza delays associated with teleworking or is it an issue with intercom?

They don’t, that is why you see them on the community so much :wink:


Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s not work :grinning:


Never admit that work is fun. They’ll cut your pay (same goes for whistling at work). :smiley:


If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t work here :grin:

Note - fun/easy is not the same thing. I guess it depends on how much you enjoy challenges.

But startups are definitely way better than big corporations.


If you had a magic wand and could change 1 thing about Monzo, what would it be?

(Eg a feature for the account, a process, better coffee etc)

Random COps question that I’ve wondered a while, when you need help from COps do you ask yourself or do you have to talk to someone else…?


What was the training for the role like?

How much do you get told about future developments before the public?

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Hello @BethS!

Some questions: do you get many support phone calls? How do you deal with them being remote and all that?

If Monzo disappeared tomorrow (:cry:) which other bank would you use? And why?

:smiley: :monzo:


Being a remote worker do you get the chance to visit the office much?
As long as you’re working are you aloud to work from anywhere?
How do Monzo know you’re actually working :eyes:? (We all know Beth does a great job anyway) :slight_smile:
Because you work remotely how do you stay up to date on all the latest things and cop updates?

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