Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Harry Ashbridge (Writer)

(Simon B) #1

Note : All Monzo Q&As to date can be found here :grinning:

Monzo Forum Crew, what is up??!!

I am back and I request the highest of fives! :raised_hands:t4:


It’s time for my favourite part of the week. Maybe yours too? The time when you get to have a little insight into the mysterious inner workings of Monzo HQ. Actually, we’re not mysterious at all. We basically tell you everything. Most things, anyway. Why not, eh? None of that obfuscating fog in the Monzo office. Perhaps some brain fog on a Monday morning, but that’s pretty much it :wink:

I had some feedback that the list, was missed. A missed list. So here’s a twist - the return of the missed list! :newspaper_roll:

Week 1 : Chris MacLean, Customer Operations & Vulnerable Customers :santa:t2:
Week 2 : James Nicholson, iOS Engineer :green_apple:
Week 3 : Tara Mansfield, People Operations Manager :woman_technologist:t5::man_technologist:t3:
Week 4 : James Routley, Backend Engineer :hammer_and_wrench:
Week 5 : Hugh Wells, Customer Operations :policeman:t3:‍♂️
Week 6 : Naz Malik, Technical Specialist :computer:
Week 7 : Fred Morgan, COps Squad Captain (Calls & Social Media) :telephone_receiver:
Week 8 : Emma Northcott, COps Scaling Team :balance_scale:
Week 9 : Jarno Wolf, COps Financial Crime Specialist & Squad Captain :wolf:
Week 10 : Maria Campbell, Head of People :woman_office_worker:t2::man_office_worker:t4:
Week 11 : Jim Amey, Night COps Captain :bat: :crescent_moon:
Week 12 : Richard Cook, Online Community Manager :man_cook:
Week 13 : Beatrice Borbon, Content & Press Manager :newspaper:
Week 14 : Tom Blomfield, CEO :crown:
Week 15 : Ella Johanny, COps/Hiring :handshake:

Let’s get this show on the road!

In the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️ this week, we have our resident wordsmith, the man responsible for explaining and laying out our Tone of Voice, the legend himself, Harry Ashbridge!


Fun Fact about Harry : He can speak backwards!!! :exploding_head:

Harry’s fave thing about working for Monzo? “Lovely, smart, caring people”

Alright y’all. Let’s do this. Get the questions in, and Harry will be here later in the week to answer them!

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At what stage of launching or revising a product do you get involved? Is tone of voice and clear understandable English included from the start or added as a finished tweek (…by monkeys) :monkey:

Btw the by monkeys thing is brilliant. Has really helped me at work :+1:


I hope they have enough PG in the office for any monkeys!

(Josh Price) #5

Are you a pineapple on pizza sort of guy? (:pizza: + :pineapple: = :question:)

Also, what feature are you most excited about Monzo releasing?


I am waiting for a Monzo staff member who can think out of the box and prefers pizza on their pineapple rather than the other way round!

PS someone forgot to ask about cats! Big :lion: small :heart_eyes_cat: or none at all?

(Simon B) #7


I’ll take pizza on anything. As long as it’s all vegan :grinning:


I am a meat eater, but I have a vegan cafe above my flat with such great food if I could afford to eat there every day I would go vegan!


If you could be any literary character, who would it be?

(I’m being over paranoid about my spelling, punctuation and grammar for this Q&A)

(Andre Borie) #10

Do you like cats?


That’s the purr-fect question!

(lee) #12

Do you think Tom looks like the waiter from the first dates restaurant?

(Benjamin Doherty) #13

You have an interesting job role. Can’t think of a good question but I’ll bring up something that has on occasion bugged me about how Monzo has written something

In the screenshot I get that technically the way it is written is completely correct.

However whenever I use the feature I always include myself when counting how many people I want to split the transaction between for some reason. I get that it’s just me being a fool, but sometimes when you read it quickly and your not thinking.

Couldn’t you work your magic and make it clearly.

Perhaps it should ask “how many other people do you want to share this with?”

(Richard Cook) #14

What’s your favourite word?

(Peter G) #15

There’s been a bit of discussion over here about the power of words and impact on different folk of the choices made.

I was wondering how much thought goes into what are sometimes basic words (like “salary”). And, as a follow up, are you ever hamstrung by regulation in terms of what you want to say?


What would you rather see Monzo introduce? Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay?

(Andre Borie) #18

Lol missed the thread name, thought this was another Samsung/Apple Pay debate. Disregard my previous post :+1:

(Change Works) #19

Do you consider Wales to be abroad?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #20

what qualifications did you present for your interview to become a wordsmith at Monzo


The answer to this in the form of a haiku?