My Day, Today, At Monzo

My Day At Monzo

I thought I’d share my day, today, at Monzo, and give you an idea what a semi-typical day at Monzo looks like, at least for me.

I’m a distributed Cop which means that my day is a little different to somebody who works from the office. :house_with_garden:

I’m on 0600-1500 all week this week. I wake up about 0530, make myself a coffee on my new Nespresso :coffee: machine, feed the cats and jump in the shower. I normally chuck my Monzo hoodie on when I’m on an early, because it helps me feel comfy and warm. It also helps me feel like I’m part of the team. Something which is really important when you’re working from home.

0600-0700 - Chat :speech_balloon:

The first hour of my day is on chat. I log on about 0555 and pop up in our Squad’s slack channel to say hello. I’m part of a squad called Coptarts, we’re all remote and all fairly new to the company so it’s a lovely supportive environment.

I’m not alone this morning, one of my colleagues is also on a 6-3 so we’ve got each other for company at this early hour. We bounce a few ideas off each other as the hour progresses and she gives me some great advice on an issue I haven’t come across before.

At this time in the morning it’s mostly picking up non-urgent chats from overnight, and dealing with urgent chats as they come in.

These tend to involve customers who’ve woken up to payments they don’t recognise and so I block and replace a few cards, as well as refunding customers who’ve had money taken fraudulently. It still amazes me how quickly we can get this sorted. Often within a few minutes of a customer getting in touch.

Chat is a bit strange at this time of day, you often don’t get a reply from a non-urgent chat because the customer is fast asleep in bed. Somebody else will follow these up later on because I’m moving onto other non-chat COp tasks.

0700 - 1000 - Merchant Review Feedback

I’ve got 3 hours of non-chat tasks now. These are a variety of tasks, but this morning I’m working on Merchant Review Feedback with a couple of other colleagues. :shopping:

When we have really busy queues, as we have had recently, this tends to be something that gets put on the back burner.

I assumed before I started at Monzo that when you submitted a suggestion it was almost automatic, now I realise how much work there is to do.

Some of them are pretty complicated, and I have to spend a few minutes per review Googling different retailers, making sure they’re in the correct group, updating logos and checking websites.

Occasionally I come across a spurious change and it reminds me that I’ve got to be very careful checking each one!

By the end of my three hours we’ve made a decent dent!

1000-1100 - Break time :canned_food:

I’ve got an hour off now. The first thing to do is check the community forum, and I’ve posted in a couple of topics. I’ve shared links to a few topics on the appropriate internal slack channels to flag up a few issues and ideas with our product teams.

I’ve also started writing this (it’s 1019 now!). I’ve got 40 minutes of me time now, I’ll feed the cats, put a load of washing on and run the hoover around. One of the best things about working from home for me is that I can keep on top of things around the house.

My girlfriend works for a well known German discounter and works very hard, so when she gets in the last thing she needs is to be running around the house. She deserves to put her feet up. Her job is much more physical than mine, so I try to get as much done as I can before she’s home. Then we can have some quality time together, something we didn’t get when I was in my last job.

1100-1300 - Chat :speech_balloon:

Two hours of chat flew by this afternoon. One of the best things about my job is that every hour is different.

I had a customer get in touch because they’d found a Monzo card and wanted to let us know. I managed to get in touch with the person who had lost their card, freeze it for them and order a replacement. It’s great to know there are so many honest people out there, and that they choose to bank with us!

1300-1400 Site All Hands :raised_hands:

Our ‘Site’ All Hands is invaluable. They’re an opportunity for most of us in the Open Availability COps Team to get together on a Google Hangout.

There’s a presentation about some of the changes happening in our collective as well as further information about some of the changes to our internal product to help improve productivity, making our jobs easier to do and help delight our customers!

A large part of this is for us to be able to raise questions and give feedback to our managers. This is really important as a remote worker, we don’t bump into people in corridors or at the coffee machine as you might working in an office. The transparency of Monzo is where we really excel, and so we get open and honest answers.

We submit most of the questions the day before. This allows presenters to make sure they’ve got the most accurate answers for us, but it also means that we can get through more questions and everybody gets an equal chance to get involved.

There’s also 10 minutes Q&A at the end Harry took questions from the floor, so these were more spontaneous. We got great answers though and it reaffirms for me how lucky I am to work here.

1400 - 1500 Chat again! :speech_balloon:

A final hour of chat. There was a lot to think about from the Site All Hands, some of which helped to inspire my chats.

We’re working really hard to improve our customer delight scores and it was a pleasure in my final hour to help a customer who was desperate for a refund. They’d made a purchase which had been cancelled but the retailer had left the authorisation ‘hanging’. They’d spent the day trying to get confirmation from the retailer which confirmed they wouldn’t take the payment.

I took the chat over to find some fantastic notes from a fellow COp who has, like me, only just started. It made it really easy to get it sorted for our customer! The last thing I did today was drop them a message on Slack to say how great I thought she’d dealt with the situation. She told me I’d made her day, which in turn made my day!

So that’s my day today. Happy to answer any questions you might have :blush:

edit: I’ve just realised the text and formatting makes this a bit dense to read. If any of the coral crew would like to give me a lesson on making it look better - please do! I’ve only just figured out how to include multiple quotes in a reply :see_no_evil: It’s not like I’ve been using the forum for over two years :rofl:


Great insight, I’m sure a lot of people wonder what the job involves. Especially those who are looking to apply for similar roles at :mondo:

Since you seem to know monzo chat better than the forum :wink:, do you know if gifs will be returning?

I’m pretty sure that gifs won’t be returning, but never say never!

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Interesting to read, thanks :+1:


Really interesting to read, thanks for posting :smiley:


Hmm, I’m sorry but this post is quite frankly outrageous.

I mean where are the cat pictures @dan5?!?!



In all seriousness though, super interesting.

How do you find this ‘squad’ stuff, and having functionality like Slack to help embed? The place I work has a lot of cross functional teams, like a project team, and I wish we would embrace things like Slack to help us communicate better in those areas.

Is there anything Monzo has done particularly well in helping embed that mentality?


Really interesting. Thanks

Out of interest, what do you see when I submit a merchant change?

For instance I have been trying for some time to change Portsmouth Council to Portsmouth City Council, the correct name. Does it show a difference?

(Edit: e.g. Portsmouth City Council, to accentuate the difference, probably more important when it is a character level change)

Good point!


Aww what cuties :heart_eyes_cat:

Brilliant insight to your life at Monzo, and brilliant to hear you are getting more quality time with your partner :smile_cat:


Thanks for sharing this! Always interesting to see how other people work. Especially a ‘remote’ worker.

The idea of a squad is a great one. I also think it’s important we use a word like ‘squad’ rather than ‘team’, especially when you’re remote. It becomes about more than just being colleagues who support each other at work. We talk about non-work related things as you might at the ‘water-cooler’. Trying to replicate the social elements of working in an office is hard, and I think the connotations of a squad help with this.

Slack is great for helping us develop this. The majority of talk in our channel is about work, but all make sure we say hello when we start our shift and :wave: goodbye when we leave at the end of the day. We often share pictures of our cats, dogs and make sure we include a bit of social interaction too. There also lots of other Slack channels you can dip in and out of, both social like #cats, #dogs and #politics-chit as well as all our work related ones.

My squad caption is great with this. We have regular standups on Google Hangout and generally ask ‘weird and wonderful questions’ to help us get to know each other. The last one I asked was ‘would you rather be a compost heap or a flower and why?’.

We see the original name/icon/website/etc and then the suggestions. It’s super easy to use, but when we’re experiencing high demands on our chat support then understandably people get pulled away from this sort of task and put onto front-line support.

I’m always happy to share as much info as you find useful! On the ‘remote’ note we get called both remote and distributed. I much prefer remote because distributed makes me think that I’ve been cut up into little pieces and spread around the world! Somebody people don’t like the connotations of the word remote though!

Do other companies have different names for people who work from home?


Yes but not all are complimentary! :wink:


Thanks again Dan

This reminds me of the YouTube series Jake did, but he’s based in the office. Good to see the differences between the two:


I remember watching Jake’s videos before I started here to get an idea of what it was like :see_no_evil:

Love this Dan! Especially the cat pics :woman_shrugging: Would be awesome to see some more of these from employees doing other things and COps on different tasks etc.


Would def make sense if they have proper diff highlighting.

How to official ‘memos’ come through say for example the policy with dealing with refunds for monzo plus, is it squad captain posts on the slack channel?