I’m on Week 3 as a Monzo COp! AMA

Hi there :wave:

I’m Cwtch! I’m a crossover between a lurker on here and I try to pitch in on discussions and on the help board here!

I’ve been at Monzo for a grand total of 3 weeks as a COp! Learning all sorts of new things and the beautiful world of banking!

I appreciate that I might not have all the answers here but just in case anyone is wondering what it’s like to be here, or have some general questions about things that Monzo does and my personal opinions, ask away! I’ll do my best to answer!

Happy Monday! :sunny:


Why are merchant details so fail?

How much time do you get between finishing a query and selecting the next one?

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I’m assuming we’re talking about merchant details that pop up in the feed here?

If so, as a COp, we have the rigorous test to comb through all merchant data and edit any details to make it look prettier in the app!

We’ll also go through any suggestions from customers and figure out what details needs to change and so on!

MasterCard sometimes only present us with barebones information about merchants so we try our best to make it look better! But with thousands of different merchants out there, it can be quite the task!

Generally speaking, no time at all! Once we’re finished with one query, we’ll take another straight away!

It’s a fast paced world in the cops area and we are all trying our best to answer people as quickly as possible, while also making sure we give relevant and correct information :slight_smile:

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Have you come across me? lol

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On the forum, absolutely! In the office, I don’t think I have!:joy:

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt since becoming a cop?

Now now :smiling_imp: :joy_cat:

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I’d say so far, the most interesting thing I’ve learnt is how people interact with us! It’s crazy because at the end of the day, we’re a bank, but we have conversations with customers like we’ve been long time best friends!

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that we can talk to people how they’d normally talk, and be more open and fun with everyday banking!


I’m distributed, I meant on Slack :see_no_evil:

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:see_no_evil: my inexperience is already showing!

I don’t think I have come across you in Slack either!

I’m down for some 1:1 though to get more involved with the community! I’d love to help you all out!:smile:

I am

Ok so if such a

takes place why do simple things like Uber & Uber Eats and anything Microsoft related (to name a few) always fail e.g. I just ordered Uber Eats and it came up as Uber? Can’t be that “rigorous” if two of the biggest companies in the world can’t be fixed can it?

Well like many others including myself have raised the above how are these suggestions taken on board and resolved as per the above as nothing seems to change?

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I’m not sure that is a question best addressed to @cwtch to be honest. He’s taking his time to talk to us on here (something that is really appreciated by the way) but I’m not sure that holding a well intentioned and lovely COp who’s only in their third week accountable for fixing what seems to be a strategic issue is that fair, tbh.

(None of that is to mitigate what are clearly problems. Just that I don’t think that @cwtch - or even the incomparable @BethS - have the ability to resolve what appears to be systems/structural issues, unfortunately)


Not holding anyone accountable just a question that has been asked for ages and seeing as they used to be a forum member might have asked upon arrival at Monzo as a staff member out of curiosity.

Also AMA means just that, not AMA but not this or that.


What’s the daily routine like for a cop? Is it even possible to have a routine?

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I completely understand why sometimes it might look like we’re taking a backwards approach here

The Uber and Uber Eats debate is something I’m well aware of, and is something that clearly needs addressing.

While | can’t do much at home, if you haven’t already, you can send a chat in-app, and ask a cop to take a look at that transaction to see why it’s not being categorised correctly

We should then be able to fix it.

I’ll be sure to mention this issue when I’m back in the office on Wednesday and once I get an official answer, I’ll let you know! :slightly_smiling_face:


So my daily routine is I’ll get into the office early and catch up with the fellow cops and see what new things they’ve learnt and areas we think we can improve on

The most recent area we all agreed we can improve on is response times, as we are all well aware of some cases where people can be waiting for up to 2 hours. So we try our best to address that.

My day will then consist of being on chat, for a couple of hours and then on my break, I like to unwind by playing ping-pong (a hidden skill I never knew I had btw!)

After my break, I’ll hop straight back on chat. We also get some feedback and development time to improve as a cop, and have socials to get to know my team better! :slightly_smiling_face:


How much Monzo swag did you get? Are you fully Monzo branded head-to-toe?


How often do you use the saved responses in Monzo chat? I imagine a lot?