I'm on month 5 as a Monzo COp! AMA!

Hey everyone! :wave:

Hope you’re all well and for those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you’ve all been nice! :eyes:

So a while back, I did a ‘Ask me Anything’ when I first joined Monzo as a COp.

So today, I thought it might be a great idea (or not) to have a little refresher! Not only to gain a better insight into how the world of COps are looking today, but also how I’ve developed with the company! Also, I’ve got a wealth of new knowledge that I can potentially share for your burning questions!

So! Ask me anything! :yellow_heart:


What badges have you picked up, and how different is badged work to being on the front line?

(I’m allowed to get the ball rolling right? :joy:)

Is this the worst the chat queue length has been in a while? What has caused the spike?


Hey :wave:

Of course! Great to see you on here!

So, I’ve actually gone for a Coaching badge! I love teaching people new things, and working with them to help develop them into amazing COps! (We already have amazing people, so it’s about tapping into their personalities, and making them shine even more!)


Ooh, I like this game.

First off, what are these badges of which you speak?

Second off, what is one thing you thought you knew about Monzo but now you know to be madness?!


My question - what does this mean to the non Monzo staff?


Given all the complaints about customer service response times in the last few weeks do you honestly think AMA is the best use of a CoP time right now. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that Monzo staff interact with customers directly like this but do you think it gives the people hear who have been waiting more than a day for customer service responses the confidence that someone is dealing with the query seriously


Hey :wave:

Great to see you again! So, this is a topic that we are well aware of.

It’s certainly not the best. Queue times have gone up, and it’s something we are actively working on everyday, not only as COps, but engineers, product designers and basically the whole of Monzo.

We try to establish ourselves as a company with great customer service, and we don’t want to lose that.

One good example, is we’ve taken a look at how we escalate to specialists, and revamped that process to allow for a smoother experience for customers. It’s certainly made COps jobs easier, but there is still room for improvement.

In terms of what’s caused it, I think as the brand continued to grow, we took a lot of new customers on. Monzo is pretty now universally recognised around the UK, to the point where we are now considered a ‘main bank’. I think with that, we didn’t estimate exactly how big we’d grow. So with that, we’ve had to take a step back, and look at ways to improve and adapt. It’s a slow process, but I think we are getting there


Hey! :wave:

Badges are essentially specialist areas COps can learn! So for example, the coaching badge lets me train new staff, and provide 1-1 support etc. to all new, and existing COps!

We have a variety of badges COps can get involved in!


Maybe @cwtch isn’t working right now and instead thought that it might be nice and try to give us some insight?


Hey @TrentRockwell

Completely get this. I’ve actually got some time off, so I like to engage with the community here :blush:


From what I’ve been reading on here lately, you’ve already lost it. (I see you acknowledge that to an extent)

Maybe in central London. Not where I live (not that far away). Lot’s of people I know have never heard of it and I’m sure I read on here recently about problems with acceptance as some retailers still perceive it (wrongly) to be a currency card or some debit card that causes them problems with chargebacks.

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That I don’t have an issue with, but as someone that runs a customer service business, perception is everything. To the casual user this could look like staff “playing community” instead of doing the thing that desperately needs doing which is for customer service response times to be significantly better.

If that’s the case then I revert to my initial comment that it’s great to see staff here and thanks for interacting (especially in your spare time)


Congratulations on 5months!! :grin:

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So yeah, we’ve realised that customer service is an issue at the moment. It is something we are actively looking to improve, and I completely get that it might not look like that from the outside perspective, but we are building new things and tools to help with this

When I say universally recognised, I was referring to our recent blog post where Monzo had been recognised as the most recommended UK brand (sorry, should have been clearer about that!)


I’m glad you’re bringing customer service issues up, it’s something that I too, feel strongly . about :blush:It’s something that needs to be discussed, and we are working towards making it better for our customers.

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Thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Heya @cwtch I think the customer service element needs to be solved the waiting tones are far to long! And I’m sure you’ll agree don’t walk before you can run, let’s get the customer service nipped in the bud! Oh realised your welsh to so another Welshy to another :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 :smiley:

No problem

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TBH, I’m sure that this is something that’s being actively considered internally. I think that Monzo should just get on with things and not seemingly have to be answerable to some demanding fan boys / girls.

When it was a start up it was interesting and different to have a forum. Now Monzo needs to grow up and act like a bank, not a tech start up. This forum is a distraction for Monzo. You’re best off without it, I think.

Interesting to get an insight (and thank you for yours) but you shouldn’t have to endlessly debate the frequency of updating your most demanding customer on a version three of a Plus product that failed on the first two versions, for example.

I think this community is showing that it can not scale alongside the Monzo business.