The Big Monzo Community 2023 in Review Poll!

Hello everyone!

With @Peter_G’s blessing, I’m filling in for this year’s Monzo Community Year in Review! Or as I like to call them…


Just like last year, award emojis* are up for grabs, so vote away! Polls close at 23:59 (GMT) on December 15th. Awards on December 22nd.

Ready, Steady, Vote!

1. Best Monzo launch (UK)

2. Best Monzo launch (US)

3. Which US exclusive feature do most want to come to the UK?

4. Most anticipated new feature (UK)

  • Cheque imaging
  • Post office support
  • Completion of the new look Monzo app
  • Multiple savings pots
  • Joint account parity
  • Revamped Plus/Premium products
  • Child accounts
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5. Most anticipated new feature (US)
Monzo USA has a lot of stuff on their roadmap. So we don’t end up with 20+ options, I’ve shortlisted those on the roadmap with more than 100 upvotes.

Time for a break!
Enjoying the polls so far?
Now it’s the fun part where I get to be a little bit subjective with my poll picks. My community highlights might be a bit different to yours, so I’m sorry if your favourite moments don’t make it into the polls.

6. Best community moment

7. Best community thread
The one you’ve most enjoyed reading or taking part in. Shortlisted from the top 5 open threads created in the last year by number of replies.

8. Best community engagement

  • The Flex / Borrowing team (The Monzonauts who are building Monzo Flex and engaging with our feedback and problems in the Flex thread)
  • The Community team (The Monzonauts who keep the community and socials in good working order)
  • The App Evolution team (The Monzonauts who are redesigning the Monzo app and engaging with our feedback in the App Evolution megathread
  • The US team (The Monzonauts who are proactively building Monzo for the US and regularly sharing updates in the Monzo USA section)
  • The Paid team (The Monzonauts responsible for products like Monzo Plus and connected accounts)
  • The Savings/Investments team (The Monzonauts who are building the savings investments products and their respective part of the app)
  • The Cashback team (The Monzonauts who are bringing us the new cashback rewards and engaging with us in the cashback thread)
  • The iOS Health team (The Monzonauts who have been working to improve the health and performance of Monzo’s iOS app and can be found engaging with feedback and problems in the iOS health thread)
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We’re in the home stretch now!

Last year, we had a Most Suffering Monzonaut poll, but rather than repeat that this year, I wanted to focus more on recognising good, quality engagement and involve the rest of the community in that, too.

Engagement from both Monzo and the wider community is the driving force behind what makes this a great place to hang out. To that end, I’ve decided to include a couple of polls for some competitive fun to highlight and honour those who go above and beyond with their engagement to keep things interesting, welcoming, fun, and helpful for all of us.

For an objective shortlist, I’ve selected the folks who are in the top two of our annual leaderboard for:

  • :hot_coral_heart: Received
  • :hot_coral_heart: Given
  • Topics Created
  • Replies Posted

Please vote for the Monzonaut and Community member whose engagement you think has, overall, been the most helpful, most fun, most interesting, and elevated your experience. Votes will be hidden on these polls. :blush:

Remember, this is intended as a bit of fun and isn’t a super serious popularity competition to be won at all costs. And @AlanDoe is not allowed to weaponise the ban hammer as a bribe for votes.

9. Monzonaut of the year

10. Contributor of the year

Phew! That’s it!

I’ve almost certainly forgotten something (I’m not nearly as exhaustive as Peter), so tell me what that is below :point_down:

Happy Holidays and Pleasant Polling! :christmas_tree: :santa:

*Plushies all-around! If Monzo fancy being a little less Grinch now they’re profitable. Or maybe even a forum badge? Monzo? :pleading_face:

Okay. One more. A bonus poll.

Bonus Poll: The best platform to use Monzo
There is only one correct answer. Make sure you choose it.

  • iOS
  • Android
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I keep clicking the links next to the selection buttons. Can’t JUST be me…


It’s so tough not to vote for myself!

Good work, polling padawan.


I am genuinely finding this the most difficult review poll ever to make decisions on! So many people have knocked it out of the park this year…


@AlanDoe is not allowed to weaponise the ban hammer as a bribe for votes.

Only Alan? Fair enough…



How are the rest of us supposed to compete with @TomMills for Monzonaut of the year!!

(Also surprised/happy to even be in the same category as these lovely lot.)

P.S. Vote for me :eyes:


Trickier than than a newspaper quiz the day before Friday that lot.

Only 2 mattered, the one with me in it and the one with the superior platform in it.


I’m not gonna win for sure! But I’m happy to just be included :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Big shout out to @N26throwaway for pulling this together :clap: and of course @Peter_G for passing the Poll Master duties for this end of year.

This Community <3


I’m not doing all that.


It’s not :joy:

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Are we all going to abstain from voting in 10 and provide write-in votes for ourselves? No? Just me? I’ll get my coat… :sweat_smile:

I think the most difficult category is clearly number six, best community moment. I’ve already changed my vote there three times. :grimacing:


Great polling. Miss @Peter_G but great work @N26throwaway sterling work.


I got your back :muscle:t2:


How did we find the top community members/likes etc?

I admit I haven’t checked out my own stats but I just did and fascinating to see who I reply to the most/like the most/get liked by the most!

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You can see your own if you tap into your profile and scroll down

There’s a way somewhere to see it all globally but unsure how exactly

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Publicly declaring support? Not nice!


Or I just say that to all the possibilities :wink:

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