The Big Monzo Community "2022 in Review" Poll!

So here’s something a bit different:

the first Monzo Community Year in Review!

We’ll do the usual Big Poll after Christmas where we think about what we’d like from Monzo in the future, but right now is a time to look back, give thanks and do a bit of a 2022 recap in the process!

So, with awards* up for grabs, vote away! Polls close before Christmas - awards after!

Ready, Steady, Vote!

1. Best Monzo launch (UK)

  • Flex available for all
  • Flex virtual card
  • Flex takes first instalment next month, not immediately
  • Flex six month interest free promo
  • Pay for Flex from Pots
  • Increasing Flex limits
  • Balance Tab (new Pulse!) in Trends
  • Targets (Budgets!) in Trends
  • Trends graphs for all
  • Exclude categories in Trends
  • Merchant view in Trends
  • Year view in Trends
  • Neon cards :juicy: :sunshine: :disco:
  • Android 12 Material Themed icons
  • Cashback on international transfers (Plus/Premium)
  • Borrow more on top of your Monzo loan
  • Merchant enrichment for connected accounts
  • Flag transactions as repeated payments in connected accounts
  • View your CVC in the app
  • Virtual cards for Monzo Business
  • International Transfers for Monzo Business
  • Overview (new Home Screen) in Labs
  • Connected Mortgages in Labs
  • Starling Bank in Connected Accounts (Labs)
  • Sainsbury’s Bank in Connected Accounts
  • Tesco Bank in Connected Accounts
  • New Day cards in Connected Accounts (Labs)
  • Charity Donations in App
  • Samsung Pay!

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2. Best Monzo launch (US)

  • Monzo US exits beta!
  • Tip calculator
  • Connected accounts via Plaid
  • Joint Account beta
  • Rename connected accounts
  • Trends for the US!

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3. Best Community Moment

4. Most Suffering Monzonaut

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Best Community Engagement

  • The Flex / Borrowing team (who have confounded expectations, iterated throughout the year, and hinted that they might get physical with us in 2023
  • The App Evolution team (who have brought us the amazing new Overview home screen and the promise of amazingness to come).
  • The Paid team (who have brought us Trends and an ever increasing number of connected accounts - and don’t seem to be done yet).
  • The Community team (that’s @AlanDoe and friends who keep this place spick and span and like a well oiled machine!)
  • The US team for building a US product in partnership with customers :mechanical_arm: :monzo_usa:

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Most anticipated new feature

From @davidwalton’s excellent tear-downs, leaks and corporate espionage, stuff we know is (probably) coming…

  • US Joint Accounts
  • Get Paid Early in the US
  • Investments in Monzo
  • Change your Flex payment date
  • Full roll out of the Overview home page
  • Full roll out of connected mortgages
  • Combined feed
  • Flex physical card
  • Monzo rebrand in the app
  • Separate Feed and/or place for Flex in Trends

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Best Mond/zo Logo!

Phew! That’s it!

I’ve almost certainly forgotten something, so tell me what that is below :point_down:

I’m hoping to close the polls just before Christmas, but it might go to just after…

Merry Christmas and Pleasant Polling! :christmas_tree: :santa:

*unless Monzo wants to donate plushies, we’re playing for pride :joy:


Some of the polls show results immediately (preferred) and some only show results when closed. Standards are slipping :wink:


I purposefully changed this so that there would be suspense and we could do a big reveal when the polls close!

(I messed it up on the logos, so consider that a freebie :joy: )

Standard form (results after vote) will be back for the post Christmas Big Poll!


This has actually been a really nice exercise to do. It’s a good reminder of all the stuff that’s happened this year - it’s far too easy to forget about it all. And, it’s nice to give thanks for a change, rather than clamour for the Next Big Thing.

So let me take this moment to say thank you to everyone at Monzo. It’s been a cracking year. :hot_coral_heart:


Again, Monzo need to pay you :laughing:


Voted! Excellent nostalgic view at what went on. Thanks to everyone involved - Monzo-peeps, Community-peeps, it’s been a fantastic year to be honest. Just when I got the feeling it was going off the boil, boom, both engaging posts on the forum and amazing new features in the app.



Can I vote for option 5 - other :wink:



(Such an obvious option missed).


haha - all good - i promise not to have any bias in my answers :joy:


Okay, we’re gonna have to revote. A very credible contender has emerged.

@katvoira @Revels @ndrw @Sachaz @MalaiseForever @dannymidd @JIMMWX @dinosm @scottcullendesign, would you mind voting again?

Such a polling failure. :joy:


And @davidwalton @Mickyc82 @anotherbrummie @BristolMatt @simonb , would you also mind voting again?

(Max number of people I can tag in a message!)

And now I haven’t closed a bracket. That shall haunt me.


What was it I said about standards slipping? :smirk:



I did take the oppo to change a vote :wink:



Thanks for flagging to me that I’d missed the new Home Screen and mortgage view updates :grin:

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Big shout out to @Peter_G for pulling this together :heart:

Currently fighting the lurgy and this has been a nice thing to come back to.

Look forward to seeing the results when they come in :eyes:


Get better soon, Alan!


I think we need a “what has been your favourite poll” poll.



When is this closing?

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