Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

:wave: Hello hello! :wave:

It’s me again here to say a big thank you for your feedback over the past few months and to share an exciting announcement!

We’re now ready to go from pilot to public and will start rolling out cashback more broadly over the next few weeks to all UK personal banking customers :tada:

I wanted to share a bit more about why we’re here, the current experience and what we learned from the pilot.

Lots of you told us you wanted cashback on your frequent spend to help ease pressure on budgets, especially in the context of the cost of living crisis today.

You also told us about frustrating experiences with cashback programmes. Often they’re complicated, take a really long time to pay out and have random offers. These are the pain points we set out to address.

Here’s what we’ll be rolling out :drum:

The offers

  • You’ll see offers from the top 10% of brands where our customers shop, across a mix of day-to-day categories. Like groceries (Asda), eating out (Deliveroo, Krispy Kreme, Gousto, Franco Manca), shopping (eBay, H&M, Footlocker) and transport (National Express, LNER).
  • You’ll earn around 2 to 10% cashback with most offers – some are higher.
  • New offers arrive at least every month.
  • With your permission, we’ll notify you about new offers and brands we think you’ll care about, so that you don’t miss out.

How it works

Pick your offers, shop in store or online and see what you’ve earned instantly. Your money will usually arrive within 3-4 days and go into your Cashback Pot.

It works across all personal accounts (including Plus and Premium), the joint account and Flex Credit Card. And with Apple and Google Pay too.

Get started. :gift:
Ts&Cs apply. :mag:

Our learnings from the pilot

Here’s a summary of what we’ve learnt from the pilot, thanks to your feedback on here and data from everyone who helped us test.

1. We need to be clear and transparent about data sharing during onboarding

Taking your feedback on board, we’ve now struck a balance in the onboarding screens between giving you a snapshot vs getting into the detail.

Soon you’ll start to see offers tailored to you. And to tailor offers, we need your permission to share some of your data with aggregators and merchants. We’re working with an aggregator called Reward, which is a platform that finds discounts and deals directly from merchants so we can offer them to you.

You can find out more about how we use your data in my previous post

2. Instant notifications > Instant withdrawals

During the pilot, some of you could withdraw cashback instantly. Lots of you liked this, but our data showed people tended to wait around 13 days to withdraw cashback, leaving it to build up rather than withdrawing it straight away in smaller amounts.

So, for now, you’ll get an instant notification when you spend, so you can see how much cashback you’ve earned. Then your money will usually arrive within 3-4 days.

A very small number of you are still in a version where cashback arrives instantly. We won’t be changing this for you, but we’ll let you know in the future if we do.

3. Sometimes things go wrong, and creating lower friction paths to resolve that is really important. So we built automated missing cashback flows into the app.

If you expected to get cashback but didn’t, tell us within 60 days and we’ll look into it.

You can do this by tapping ‘Report missing cashback’ – you’ll see it at the bottom of cashback and on the offer and transaction details.

This is just the start! :raised_hands:

Please let us know if you have any feedback, so we can continue to make cashback better for everyone. You can do this in the app by going to cashback and scrolling down to ‘Share your thoughts’.

PS Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.

Ts&Cs apply


Awesome news! Glad it’s getting pushed out more broadly!

Great also to see some of the feedback from the community being used to guide a better onboarding process! :raised_hands:

As an aside, the rewards I have currently expire in 6 days, at that point, would it switch over to the new cashback-partner-thingy that you’re using, or still be Monzo-provided merchants? :eyes:


This is amazing. Glad I can finally be a apart of it!

Silly question - how do I actually join?? I tried clicking the Get Started link in your post which opens up my Monzo app but can’t actually see anything cashback related. I’ve re-installed the app to make sure I’ve got the latest version too.



Hey! We’re doing a staged rollout to all customers over the next weeks; if you’ve opted in for general marketing you’ll see an email from us letting you know you’re ready to go so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:


@veronique_barbosa you have just made my Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Great to see, another item to make me think about coming back one day :eyes:

I love that these look to be local and national offers - something you never got in the days of old offers. Love to see it.

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Very welcomed news! looking forward to it.

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Thanks for this great update @veronique_barbosa, and looking forward to Cashback v1.0 after being in the pilot since the 2nd phase.

I have the same question as @michaelw90:
Those of us currently in the pilot have offers that expire in 6 days time. Will we be automatically moved to the Rewards aggrevator offers when they expire (or shortly before) as a “soft launch”, or will we get more Monzo-provided offers until we are moved over as part of the main public rollout?

hey + @michaelw90 that’s right you’ll be sent the new aggregator offers mentioned above before your current ones expire :gift:


Good to know. Thank you :slight_smile:

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@veronique_barbosa could you advise whether interest will accrue on the cashback pot, and or will there be a time limit on how long funds can remain in the pot i.e. will you be automatically transferring funds out to the current account, or a pot of our choosing?

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No pots other than interest defined pots, earn interest, so there won’t be any interest on the Cashback pot.


I’m hoping the offers align with the offers we get from Airtime rewards!


How have you found airtime rewards? (I dont want to throw the topic off too much but curious)

I notice EE are pushing it to me.

I’ve made £70 on airtime rewards this year. I use their gift cards option for things like Starbucks which has massively helped increase the amount I get.

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My total to date is £170 , it’s really quick how it builds up (been using it for a few years)

I use airtime rewards but I don’t see being able to purchase gift cards.

I have earned a very small amount, as I find the retailers to be quite limited.

Good news! Finally :tada::tada::tada:

Air Rewards :slight_smile:

I earned plenty but then found that Lebara wouldn’t use what I earned cos I was on a special tariff, so stopped.

Gift cards were under More…IIRC

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