Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

Hey everyone, I’m Andy - General Manager for Saving and Investing at Monzo and I’m here to share some news about our launch of Investments, which as you know we’ve been working on here.

Over the last year, we’ve been speaking to customers to understand their pain points around investing. Our research found that “getting a return on your money” was one of the most important yet underserved “jobs to be done” amongst our current customer base. At the same time, many people told us that whilst they know investing is important, they found the jargon and complexity of existing investment products intimidating. And with the overwhelming choice of investment options out there, it’s tricky to know where to start.

We wanted to solve these problems and specifically help those who are new to investing (or passively investing), grow their money without needing to know the ins and outs of how financial markets work.

Today we’re launching Monzo Investments :tada:

We want to get rid of the barriers that prevent people from investing, making it simple, affordable and delightful through the Monzo app. You’ll be able to choose from 3 ready-made funds from our partner BlackRock. We’ve chosen to work with them for their expertise as one of the world’s largest fund managers.

Create your Investment Pot :honey_pot:

This sits alongside your Savings Pots and you can start investing from £1.

Set up a regular investment, edit or cancel it whenever you want, and make withdrawals back into your account.

You can invest into a Stocks and Shares ISA, or a General Investment Account if you already have an ISA elsewhere - you can also transfer an existing ISA over to Monzo.

Simple and transparent fees :sparkles:

You’ll pay a 0.59% of your investment value in fees each year, billed monthly (that’s a 0.45% platform fee, and 0.14% fund fee). If you invested £1,000 that’s 48p each month (assuming no growth or withdrawals).

If you’re a Plus or Premium customer you’ll pay 0.49% (that’s a 0.35% platform fee, and 0.14% fund fee), which works out to 40p a month with £1,000 invested (assuming no growth or withdrawals).

Learn as you go :rocket:

We’ve incorporated key investing essentials into the product experience. While you don’t need to be an expert in investing to get started, we want to help people build their knowledge and confidence as they go.

Register now for early access :new:

We’re inviting people to sign up to the waitlist from today. You can get started with our bite-sized topics on investing essentials for now, and we’ll be letting folks in over the coming weeks.

You can sign up in the new Savings & Investment area in your app.

And in the meantime you can find out more on the website.

:information_source: The value of your investments may go up or down. You could get back less than put in.

Let’s use this thread to gather your thoughts and feedback – and the team and I will be around to answer questions.


This is awesome, but your choice of fund partner won’t go down well with ethical investors. Of all the ones to go with, Blackrock were the last I’d have anticipated Monzo would choose. :grimacing:

So I’m curious, why BlackRock?

Any possibility of others in the future? Or a DIY approach a la Freetrade?

For me it looks like too much of a worse Nutmeg, albeit with a a cheaper fee structure. I’m not sure that’s what I want, but the interface for it is :ok_hand: (just wish I could swipe through those educational flows instead of waiting).


I am beyond excited right now!! Few things I would like to see in the future! Pension pot and joint investment account!


This is great! Although I’m a little shocked that you decided to partner with BlackRock. They have an awful reputation that’s completely at odds with Monzo’s ethos. I’m still excited for the feature and to see how it develops though. Maybe a choice of different funds is something you could work on in the future?


I’d need to know which funds exactly to be sure first, they could be the 3 most ethical ones blackrock provide which omit the likes of Tobacco, fossil fuels, etc.

But as of right now, given who Blackrock are and what they invest in, it feels like a big FU to their own social programme, and the investment policy which essentially commits to staying away from funds like those offered by Blackrock, which would be real disappointing IMO.


Here I was contemplating moving from Trading 212… Don’t think I will


Massive fan of the educational resource provided- I can really see how that can help a lot of people who come from low/ no knowledge on the topic!

The style of the interface for the educational resource matching Instagram (with the tap to skip) feels familiar and would be noticed by (what I imagine) is the market you’re targeting.

Left with a ? on choosing Blackrock though. I get it, they’re big and reputable but I feel Monzo is generally percieved as an ethical brand so it’s a bit of a curveball from what I’d expect!


So this seems like a smaller % than I pay to Wealthify but how aggressive will this be?

I’m too scared to ask about the sheets export.


Here we go :tada:


I shall stick with Vanguard/T212 I think.


What’s so bad about BlackRock?


Amazing. Really glad to see this hit the market. Would it be possible to show some additional screenshots for those that don’t have the investment account (which is obviously no one yet) so we can see how it looks and works. Also, I have questions…

  • How does the investment deposit process look? Presume you have to place money into the account via a standing order or similar? Does it leave the account and reflect straight away or is there a delay where it transfers across?

  • Why such a low limit? Surely it’s better to have a minimum value? Does the app suggest to the user better options for low amounts. For example, if I’ve only got £200 I’m (probably) better off placing that in a savings account vs investing it.

  • Graph for performance. Looks like it just shows the total invested, is there a scope for fund value performance over time to understand if it’s on the up?

  • Fees. Again seems a lil harsh on the plus/premium users here. I save 8p a month but have to spend a fiver? Was any consideration given to lower fees for those on a higher account. For example, HSBC only change 0.25% on theirs. Granted, it’s lower than Chases.

  • Fund choice. Does it give you options for a variety of funds? Or is there just one and it’s dictated by Monzo. The same for level of risk.

This looks like a great start, I have investments elsewhere and the answers are to help me decide if I or others might wanted to move here.

Happy to see this launch - looking forward to giving it a go!

I’m sure there’ll be more information given during the roll out, but will the S&S ISA be a flexible ISA?


Not sure if this is just a fault with my phone, but when I use the “Monthly deposits” scroller to see what impact different amounts would have, I can’t see anything changing in the graph.

In honour of it being BlackRock, this seems like the opportune moment to share this very peculiar video I saw on Twitter a few weeks back. You might as well join me in the experience


It’s just the numbers that change, the shape of the graph is constant

This is great news! Congrats Andy, can’t wait to see which funds you’ve chosen!

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There are three funds. Haven’t been able to find out which yet, but I suspect you’ll just get a choice of risk, because that’s the industry standard with these products, and that’s what the 3 fund options represent.

It would be easier to list the one or two things that are actually good about them.

But for me:

More from The Guardian here: