April showers bring new Monzo features 🌧️ April 2023 updates

Hello all :wave:

Saving money is one of the most important financial habits. But with so much to save up for, it’s hard to decide what you should prioritize. Should you build up your savings or pay off any debt first? How do you make sure you have enough for everything?

Here are this month’s new features to help you stay on track with your goals:

Emergency Fund Pots :ring_buoy:

Be prepared for any unexpected event with our new emergency fund Pot. An emergency fund Pot helps you separate money from your everyday spending, so you only use it for, well… emergencies.

All you have to do is set a goal, then how much and how often to set money aside - we’ll take care of the rest! Learn how it works in our blog post.

24/7 customer support :sparkling_heart:

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our customer support team and are available through in-app chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chatting with us in the app has always been the fastest way to get in touch. You don’t even have to wait until “business hours”, whatever that means. Just don’t send us “Hey, you up?” late night messages please.

Category targets for Trends :dart:

Back in January, we launched targets for Trends to help you set and stick to a monthly spending target. Many of you told us you wanted to go even further and set a target for each category.

You can now set individual spending targets for any or all of your categories in Trends! We’ll even recommend amounts for each category based on your past habits.

We want Trends to do everything Summary does and more, so let us know what you think.

Invite friends, get British candy :lollipop:

Share everything you love about Monzo by inviting a friend to join. For a limited time, once they sign up* and make their first transaction, we’ll send you a box of British candy (or “sweets”, for you Brits).

*US accounts only.


Having a plan can help you achieve your financial goals and avoid stressful situations. Whether you’re just starting out or have everything under control, the most important thing is to be proactive and stay committed to your goals.

Let us know what else would help you reach your financial goals!


Great to see the pace of progress in the US but every time there’s a post like this I can’t help but feel that UK customers are hard done by. Lots of free features in US that we get to pay for, and now 24/7 chat…

Different market and all but still… customer support is the one hill I’ll die on when it comes to banking and so I just couldn’t not say something


Hahahahah I love this!!! What “candy” are you going for? :eyes: Some haribos? Lil bit of pick-n-mix?


That’s German!

It should be a stick of custom Monzo rock. But there are so many different things they’ll easily fill a box.


Nice big bag of Fox’s glacier fruits!

Yep - I’ve said this before on here and got the “well, it’s a different market y’know”. Clearly someone has decided that it’s a loss leader for signup. Which is fine, except it isn’t because UK customers pick up the tab. Plus has been around and unchanged for a number of years now, so surely the development costs must have been absorbed by now.


Hmmm is it though, Monzo can make money in the US purely through internal US interchange, so the funding model of the business is massively different.


I always thought they were invented by Alfie Boe’s younger brother, Harry.


Well I’m sure they can find ways of making profit but I can’t see, from an external viewpoint, why they would opt to give features for free that you have to pay for here.

Appreciate the US financial system is very different so there may be other reasons.


Different market, different point in the products lifecycle, and as I said, you can get it paid for by people spending a load in Walmarts


To drive sign-ups.

Many companies give away different things when entering a new market.

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Yes, this was my initial point :slight_smile:

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Because they can probably make the same amount of profit on a US customer with the free features as they can on a UK customer without the free features. Since there’s a lot more revenue coming in from card fees shops pay in the US. It isn’t complicated, it’s just a different business model there as they have different income sources.


Pick-n-mix for sure! Maybe a Crunchie, Wispa, Maltesers, a Twirl of some sort… :yum:


You have to see how much confusion you can cause by giving everyone some Smarties.


Can we get a box of “Candy” for signing people up, rather than £5 :smiley:

You can use your £5 to get some candy :wink:


That is true, but not very much of it. I sure they don’t get much british sweets either, maybe just a single Werther’s Original in a box

dare you to make A/B tests to see which candy gets more signups and write a blog about it