Set target dates on your Pots to help achieve your savings goals 🎯

Hey everyone :wave:

You can now set up a savings goal with a goal date on a Pot. And we’ll even help you work out how much you need to save to reach your goal :moneybag:

You told us how tricky it was to do the math on how much you needed to save per day, week, month, etc. to reach a savings goal. So we’re doing the math for you!

Simply tell us your goal and when you want to achieve it by - we’ll calculate exactly how much you need to contribute to the Pot each day, week, or month.

We can even help you set up an automatic deposit to keep you on track with that goal, so you have one less thing to worry about :relieved:

The progress bar will also help you stay on track and motivated for your Pots with goals.

Read more in our blog post.


Any plans to auto-adjust the scheduled save amount I manually add funds to the pot? This should reduce the amount that is automatically added.

Great suggestion! We’re looking into this for a future iteration :blush: