Don't be haunted by your finances 👻 October 2023 updates

Hey everyone, :wave:

What’s scarier than getting trapped in a haunted house? Not knowing where your money keeps disappearing to :scream:

Whether it’s the ghosts of impulse buys or the sneaky fees monster, looking at your finances shouldn’t be a jumpscare.

The only things that should be giving you chills (in a good way) are these updates:

Edit your salary sort options :balance_scale:

You can now make changes to an existing automatic sort in Salary Sorter.

Previously, you had to delete your saved sort and then wait until your next deposit to make changes.

Tap the plus sign on the app home screen, then tap “Sort your income” to edit your sorts.

Get back on track with savings goals :dart:

We recently launched an improved way to help you automate and achieve your savings goals. But what happens if you fall behind?

We’ll calculate the amount of money you need to get right back on track with your goal :muscle:

Merchant feedback :shopping:

Ever see merchant details in your activity feed that don’t look quite right? :thinking: Maybe the merchant name is followed by a bunch of random characters.

You can tap on any transaction, then tap “Improve name or logo” to see if we already have details for that merchant and correct it in your feed. Or you can manually submit new details.

Say goodbye to Walmart #5873 or McDonald’s #984 in your feed! We can’t guarantee you’ll stop seeing random characters actually at those merchant locations though.

Payday experience :money_mouth_face:

We’re working on early designs to help you manage your pay cycle in the app, while also adapting to any changes in your income.

Keep your eyes out for invites for early testing :eyes:

Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise! :jack_o_lantern: Let us know what you’d like to see next by commenting below or using the feedback form in the app.


Looking forward to the payday experience updates :slight_smile:

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Hey @Dingo6947 that’s great to hear! Can you share a bit more about what you’d love to see with an improved Payday experience?

My wife and I use our joint account as our primary direct deposit account.

I have a regular salaried pay that comes in every two weeks. So does she on the alternate week of mine. While her check is regular, there is a once a month bonus commission that is added to her check. So I’m hoping that we can get some better insights on projected free to spend money based on our recurring subscriptions and/or payments.

I am also basing this news around the “budgeting improvements” card that is on loopedin. I’m an avid lurker on that page :slight_smile:

The ”every payday" scheduling sounds fantastic as long as the payday profiles are somewhat fleshed out and we can control which payday the funding comes from.

Anyway, feel free to contact if you’re interested in our use case.

Accounts for dual UK-US residents! :ghost:

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