Help us test Trends with your Monzo Business account 🧪

Hi :wave:

I’m Nick, a Product Manager in business banking at Monzo.

We’ve been busy recently building a feature which we hope will help businesses make sense of their cashflow. This new feature is called Trends, and initially we hope to make it easier to understand your spending trends and make progress with saving.

If you also have a personal account with Monzo, you may already be familiar with Trends which has been providing insights about your balance, spending and saving since around August 2021.

At the moment, Trends for Monzo Business will look very similar to the personal banking version. But we have big plans here!

We’re already working on the ability to connect your external accounts, so you can view these alongside your Monzo Business accounts. We’d also like to help you understand your income the same way we hope our initial version of Trends will help you understand your spending. And we’d love for you to be involved in shaping what comes next!

Next week we are looking to release a new version of the Monzo app with Trends enabled for business accounts. We know that understanding and managing cashflow is vital for small businesses, so we’d love to know what you think. What works? What doesn’t work? What would you love to see next to help you better understand your cashflow?

Interested? Drop me a DM if you’re up for testing this before we set it live for everyone.

Nick, Monzo Business


How is this not getting more discussion?!

Sounds like a super cool and useful feature. Well done Monzo! Be interesting to see how it develops and how business users find it.


Maybe because it was posted at lunch time and people will still have been working at the time or doing other things. Plus it’s business banking so smaller number of users


Thanks @Ralph76, we certainly think so! We’ll be writing blog posts as we expand the Trends offering this year, so keep your eyes peeled for updates from us :rocket:


Hi - I’d love to participate but can’t see how I send a DM :flushed:


It’s your ‘discourse trust level’ - it’s not high enough to allow DM’s.

This forum is powered by Discourse, which has several levels of trust. This forum is slightly different to the ‘normal’ trust levels - but the details in the post below explains things - try a few things like reading more posts, liking more posts, posting more posts, etc. and your trust level will increase.

I liked your post to help :wink:


Ah - that explains it. Thanks!

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Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks to all those who have been in touch already to help us test Trends for Monzo Business. This is now available for beta testing :tada:.

If you’ve not been in touch already, we’d love for your help to test this out before general release next week. If you have a Monzo Business account, please DM me for early access :pray:.

And if you can’t wait, I’ve attached a few screenshots as a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Nick, Monzo Business


Genuinely curious to see how this translates to the business world. I would’ve thought they would be slightly different to a personal account need.

In that for business, you would want to see income and expenditure as two lines on a graph and a budget would be less useful? At least to me anyway.


I’ve been testing this and it is a straight copy of the personal trends and appears to be working well.

One thing to note, after it had been activated it had messed up all my previous categorisations so have had to go back and re categorise.

It would be good to have financial year reporting i.e 5th April to 6th April to aid tax returns rather than 1st Jan - Dec 31st

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Hi Mark :wave:,

I’m Chris, I’m one of the engineers that has been working on Trends for Monzo Business.

We had to make some changes to categorisation to support Trends on Monzo Business Accounts. If you’re happy with me taking a look, would you mind sending me a DM with some example transactions?


agree, this has buggered up my categories too. it defaults to ‘income’ now, rather than ‘sales’, so I have to change entries manually each time. minor problem, but annoying! assume there is no way to ‘manage’ categories currently?

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Hi @nick_f. I was using Trends to track the total balance / Trends of the pots containing funds not allocated to things such as taxes, accountancy, insurance etc. which was quite useful.

However, about a week or so ago, the main account balance on the business account overview screen disappeared, and now shows a total for the account and a separate total for all pots. This means when I come to reconcile my balance in Xero with my total account balance, I have to grab a paper and pen or a calculator to add the two balances together. Having it presented like this in Monzo is less useful and adds friction to a frequent task.

I’ve found the the way around this is to use Trends to monitor all accounts and pots. That was I can go into Trends and see the total balance. It this in turn, in addition to adding to the number of steps required to see my overall balance, in turn makes Trends less useful.

The suggestion from Monzo support to just download an account statement every time I want to see my balance is laughable.

Please bring back the overall balance to the main overview screen.

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