Get more time with your money ⏰ February 2023 updates

Hey everyone :wave:

Sorry this is a little late – I was away for a bit, but back now with some updates from last month.

Have you ever heard the saying “time is money”? How you spend your time managing money can make a difference in your financial wellbeing.

Get more time with your money and less time figuring out how to manage it with these new features:

Get paid early :money_mouth_face:

Life doesn’t always wait until you get paid. And we think you should feel in control over your money.

So you can get paid up to 2 days early with Monzo! No extra cost, no waiting for your mailed check. Just more time with your money.

See how it works

Joint accounts are available for everyone :handshake:

One of our most requested features is here - joint accounts are available for all US customers!

A joint account is an account you share with someone you know, making it easier to manage your money together.

Share the costs of things you buy together - no need to keep track of who paid what. Set goals, pay for bills, and get all the same great Monzo features, while keeping things separate from your personal account.

How to get started with a joint account

A big thank you to our beta testers who helped make this happen. :heart:

We’re on the Plaid exchange :globe_with_meridians:

Remember how you can connect your external accounts within Monzo? Well, flip it and reverse it, because now you can link Monzo through Plaid in your other financial apps.

Plaid makes it easier to move money between Monzo and other financial apps. Your Pots won’t show via Plaid connections, though let us know if you’d find that useful.

Timely scheduled payments :calendar:

We’re declaring our independence from Britain again by throwing more tea into the harbor. :us:

Just kidding! We simply updated the timing of how transfers work. Your money will move based on your address location and timezone, instead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Transfers will also honor US banking holidays. No more timezone math when making scheduled payments.

This was actually made possible in collaboration with one of our engineers in the UK. We love our British counterparts. :uk:

And in case you missed it, the Holidays category is now named Vacation. A true sign of our independence.

It’s also officially been 1 year since we’ve moved from beta to public launch for all customers across the US. :partying_face:

With your help, we’ve accomplished so much this past year and can’t wait for what’s next. Vote for what you’d like to see on our public roadmap.


@N26throwaway :eyes:


Hopefully we get this update too!


laughs in Monzo



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My favorite release yet! Hugeeee updates in February :raised_hands:


Are Custom Categories and Virtual Cards coming any time soon for Joint Accounts?

Custom categories are available for US joint accounts by default, yes.

Virtual cards are in the US public roadmap, I think.

Edit: yes they are, flagged as in progress:


Why are US customers getting a better free feature set than “home” customers?


You’re trolling.

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Holds breath waiting for answer…


Customer acquisition.

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The economics of the markets are different. The US has higher interchange so they don’t need to offer premium accounts to break a profit.

I’m relaxed about that.

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I’m not, but I’m now worried that I’ve got this wrong.

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But that’s… insane?!


You need to use your backchannels! Find out! :smiley:

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@Peter_G is right!

Custom categories are available for both personal and joint accounts, at least in the US. Hoping for feature parity on this soon, if that’s not available yet. :crossed_fingers:

Virtual cards are still in exploratory phase in the US at the moment. :eyes:


@benstrak What gives?