iOS 17

Since a number of us have or will have this, I’m thinking a specific thread makes sense.

So, I like it. Nice and stable and it has some nice little UI tweaks. Plus super nice on iPad too.


The features I’m looking forward to are the live voicemail and transcribed voice notes in iMessage.


Been using it all day on my iPhone, very stable! :grinning:


Me too. Initially I wasn’t but after seeing how stable the beta was on the iPad I couldn’t not.

Some slight hangs when changing wallpapers and the WhatsApp bar doesn’t always stay at the bottom but worth it

I’ve had issues with the keyboard, not coming up, Sometimes not despairing. However, this is not as unstable as I’ve seen a dev beta be


Hope this wasn’t written on a device with neural autocorrect!

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Oh the plus side my Monzo is now a normal size app:


It was unfortunately with some manual correction

One thing that predictive neural AutoCorrect doesn’t do is it doesn’t fill in words that you miss out that I’m important for Context! I meant to say “ It’s not as unstable as I’ve seen previous betas”

Saying that I didn’t get a 100% charge last night I got an 89% charge weirdly, and then it stopped

I have somehow lost my Plus card in wallet since the update :thinking:

I’ll try re add it

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If you try to use an accessory incompatible with just “Siri” it will let you know:

Also found my first bug. When playing a podcast this morning I could pause via the Lock Screen but not in the podcast app. When I closed the podcast app the podcast kept playing and even when I played music it played over the podcast.

Had to start to turn the iPhone off to get podcast to stop.


@coffeemadman You need the beta software on your AirPods for it to work

I put it on the iOS, beta sub reddit and got down voted and then told


I have found out that the highlighter tool in the basic editor for screenshots will no longer stack, So to blur stuff out now, you have to use the pencil tool

Oh I’m sure but I think this pops up for any accessory that won’t respond just to Siri so it’s still useful; it just happens to be AirPods I screenshotted.



I do like the watchOS10 new screen for now playing, it’s a lot cleaner and more informative compared to watchos9


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Yes I noticed this too. So much nicer. As is the UI tweaks elsewhere on watch.

One thing I can’t get my head around is the “Smart Stack”. I mean it’s nice but they could’ve just updated the Siri face IMHO. I don’t know why you would have both now.

What’s more strange is that if you have the Siri face, you can’t then access the Smart Stack because the gesture is the same. I’m amazed apple let that one slide, that’s not something I would expect.

Yeah a few little ones have started to surface. But none are too bad, as yet. I also had a charging stop last night @andrew_fishy but I put that down to my charging pad which has been known to do this before. You’ve got me thinking now…

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Mine was plugged in via a cable overnight

Mine charged fine up to 100% last night - connected via cable

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Maybe just a setting on my phone, I’ll see if it happens again tonight, may have been a one off

Offline Maps is really nice, if a little hard to find. There doesn’t seem to be a meaningful limit on how much you can download either, which is useful (when I last used Google Maps on Android, this wasn’t the case- not sure if that’s changed).

Most of the UK mainland comes to around 8GB, for reference.

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