New iPhone 15 Pro owners, turn your action button into a Contact Monzo Support button today!


Are you the new owner of an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Do you need customer support from Monzo but end up on here because you can’t find it?

Then I have the action button hack for you!

Step 1. Download this shortcut for iOS.

Step 2. Go to settings > Action Button. Swipe across to shortcuts and choose the Contact Monzo Support shortcut.

Now if you’re ever in a pinch and need to contact Monzo ASAP, just hold down your Contact Monzo Support Button (Action Button) and your iPhone will instantly connect you to the very best customer support Monzo provides.

Don’t have an iPhone 15 pro? No problem! Siri has your back! Just say Hey Siri, contact Monzo Support and she’ll put you straight through to an agent who can help you.

Don’t have an iPhone? That’s OK. Just buy one here and ditch your Android device, then you too can enjoy the experience of receiving customer support from Monzo.

Don’t want to switch to an iPhone? Are you sure? Fine. You have two options:


and you’ll be directed to Monzo’s very best customer support experience.

Or for those who must do everything the hard way:

  1. Launch Monzo.
  2. Head to the help tab.
  3. In the search bar type Contact Support.
  4. Tap on Contacting support, which should be the top option.
  5. Tap on Tap here to get started.



This needs to be pinned! @AlanDoe

Bravo, this is very well done

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Pinning it to a newbies nipple is the only is the only type of pinning that would have any impact.

People don’t/won’t/can’t read/search. Plus the link doesn’t triage the issue and get them to the right place, just luck of the draw before they get “I’ll transfer you to a specialist”


The searching for ‘Contact support’ doesn’t work for me anymore. I had a question about supported payment types a week or two ago and couldn’t find anything in the help and couldn’t find the contact button in any of the usual places so ended up opening an account elsewhere to do what I needed to :neutral_face:

(edit) I’ve just checked again and there’s now a ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ link at the bottom of the search results that takes me to chat

:clap: :clap::clap:

Bravo! Best use for an assignable button ever - even better than routing through to this :eyes:


Nice workaround, but even if I had difficulties navigating to support / self help. The amount of times I need to contact them doesn’t warrant a button for me. I like a my phone all minimalist and organised :stuck_out_tongue:


While a good effort, it just removes anyone even remotely looking at help section to find answers to simple questions.

This just adds unnecessary inbound to an already stressed contact centre, and people already complain about the length of time it takes for monzo to respond to anything.

The answer isn’t for monzo or any business to hire more people bla bla, it’s to refine how and when/what point customer contact is actually needed, and for those who need support the most, get it first time.

As usual, I’ll likely be shot down for thinking about practicality vs pro customer simpleness, but that’s my 2p.


I suspect you left your humour glasses at home this morning. I think this was in jest.

Not that anyone looks though self-help anyway.


Somehow, I think not :melting_face:

My post was definitely meant to be very tongue-in-cheek and entirely in jest. I’ve had it cooking since the iPhone announcement to post on iPhone launch day.

There also happens to be some real utility baked in there as well.

Whilst I don’t expect or recommend anyone actually assign their action button to that shortcut, the shortcut itself is still a better and faster way to contact Monzo customer support when you need it as opposed to traipsing through the app, so it’s useful to have. I’ve personally used Siri to contact Monzo once since I made it back in August and it was awesome.

The direct to chat URLs are also handy to have saved somewhere too. It finally gave me something to use the domain for that @ravipatel made me buy last year!

So I guess you could say it’s a bit of both.

Ultimately though, this was all just intended as a bit of fun. It wasn’t anything serious, or an attempt to level insurmountable inbound pressure on Monzo’s call centre staff. The Monzo community doesn’t have that kind of reach or influence!


Works fine for me.



Best troll I’ve seen all week :clap:

We saw a 45% reduction in contact due to users finding the answer they needed in help centre articles, so people do read them :slightly_smiling_face:

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How is that measured between people finding what they need vs just giving up?

The articles ask if their question was answered, as well as a few other metrics that are tracked.
The 45% is those that actually answered the question, so it could be higher.

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And yet I still clicked it….


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