We’re working on joint accounts!

Hi everyone, I am Georgia and a Product Marketing Manager here at Monzo. You may have seen me on the Core Experience threads! Lately I’ve been working on joint accounts…

As you know, we’ve been working on improving joint accounts:

The experience isn’t where I want it to be for a product that’s so important – and making this better is a top priority right now. The product functionality, availability and experience all need to be better, so rest assured we have teams actively working to do this and unlock the full potential of joint accounts.

And we’re ready to give you a bit of an update :pray:

We’ve worked through the issues and done some of the foundational work to make this better – and we’re glad to be able to share with you some of the early results.

We’ve been working to make access to joint accounts easier, and this should be much better now.

We’ve also been working on improving the product functionality, and there’s a couple of things that are new:

  • New card designs – (not a surprise for some of you… :eyes:) but we’re launching a new pearlescent white card with a hot coral core. We’re doing this based on feedback we got here and from customers elsewhere, to make your joint account card more distinct from your personal one
  • Pot-to-Pot transfers – you can now move money between personal and joint accounts Pots directly (something we know was a big bug-bear for you!)

You can also use our Instant Access Savings Pots with joint accounts now too.

This is the start of a series of improvements we’re working on – lots of which we’ve taken from your feedback in threads on this forum.

In the joint account squad we’re working closely with the Plus and Premium squads, as well as Borrowing squads for Flex and Loans. So, stay tuned :eyes:

This is part of our focus on improving parity and making sure products and functionality are available with the joint account.

Expect to hear more from us over the coming months as we keep working on this. We don’t have timelines to share yet and it’ll take time, but rest assured this remains a priority that the teams are actively working on. We wanted to give you an update as soon as we could – and we’ll be sure to keep them coming as we improve the experience.


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I really like the new card!



The JA flow is working for me now!

Great work!


Is that a non-embossed card?!


More exciting news and updates from Monzo, and new card too!

Ours don’t expire for a while though, so I won’t be seeing it in person for some time :frowning:


I’ve been with my husband for nearly twenty years, I’ve never wanted a joint bank account before BUT THIS CARD IS TEMPTING ME :joy:


Wow, amazing news!! Thanks for sharing!

Are these beautiful new cards already available to customers who would be applying for a new joint account, say, today?


Noticed the app wasn’t allowing me to apply for a joint account for a while, but today whether coincidence or otherwise it seems to be! Huzzah!

If I were to open a joint account today, I wonder whether we would get the card above already :eyes:


The card above does show in the signup flow. :ok_hand:t3:


I wonder if it shows up in the replacement flow, if you know, I happened to lose my coral one in the next hour or so?


Just signed up with my other half!! Awesome!


Aye it’s a pain losing cards at convenient times. :no_mouth:

Can you split a bill from JA? Like pay on JA, but then request 50/50 from each JA user to cover it?

Probably a niche query but it’s common for me to pay using the JA and then we both pay back into it to cover the bill.


Can someone post a nice animation/video of the pearlescent effect on the card please :pray: :drooling_face:


I’ve just checked and one of the reasons for replacement is “It’s not great quality”

My salmon coloured card surely falls into this category :sweat_smile:


It’s like a neon memory all over again :upside_down_face::joy:


I guess you could add it as a custom bill in a shared tab, but we’ve always used our JA (on Nationwide) as a 50/50 account. We both put in the same amounts every month, and anything coming out of it or paid from it is a 50/50 expense (so no motorcycle expenses can come out of the JA, for instance :sweat_smile: ).


Nope, I can request half from my partner, but not from myself. I wonder if she could do it and request it from me as well? Faff!

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suddenly loses existing Joint account card and needs replacement…


Yeah two people doing it is a chore.

Wonder if it’s something the team can consider.

Back on the Home Screen.

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