Big Poll - the Monzo Community's 2021 Wish-list!

We haven’t had a big poll for a while!

So while we’re predicting what we think will happen in 2021 and chatting about what we hope Monzo will deliver, I thought it’s time for, yes, that’s right, a big poll!

Usual caveats apply: this isn’t endorsed by Monzo and they may or may not action any of these ideas (or, sadly, even read them). But let’s still give it a go! The question is…

…what would you like to see from Monzo in 2021?

  • Use virtual cards to pay from Pots
  • Connected Cards to give to trusted people
  • Credit Card Pots (when you spend on a linked credit card, stash that money in a pot)
  • Native features for connected accounts (full history, budgeting, notes, categories, split the bill…)
  • Add virtual cards to Google or Apple Pay
  • A Monzo credit card
  • Genuine data insights in-app (like Year in Monzo?)
  • Scan / OCR receipts to the app
  • Google Sheets templates (e.g. for budgeting or analysis)
  • View your CVV in the app
  • A lower cost paid-account with just the software features
  • Cheque imaging
  • Restore chat button for all users
  • Clear large transfers in advance (not same day)
  • Pay cash in at the Post Office
  • Native rules (like IFTTT) in the app
  • Round-ups to external accounts
  • Send money to external account on triggers (e.g. salary paid-in)
  • Add notes to recurring transactions and direct debits automatically
  • Full web app
  • iPad / Android tablet app
  • Connect to investment providers (e.g. Nutmeg, Vanguard, Freetrade, T212…)
  • Connect to mortgage providers
  • Connect to wider range of savings providers
  • Connect to crowdfunding platforms (and see your Monzo shares in Monzo!)
  • Connect offline accounts (enter amount you have in accounts without API)
  • Calculate net-worth and changes over time
  • Joint account parity
  • Samsung Pay
  • Garmin Pay
  • Merchant or category block
  • Complete budget revamp!
  • Fix so that Apple Pay works again
  • Fix merchant data
  • Card payments (e.g. Netflix subscriptions) from Bills Pots
  • Transfer money directly between pots
  • Full transaction history for pots
  • Receive international payments natively (IBAN!)
  • One-use virtual cards
  • Dark mode
  • Family or children’s accounts
  • More granular card controls
  • Reimagined search (including filters)
  • One feed across all accounts and pots
  • Automatic get paid-early
  • Purchase protection (like Revolut Plus)
  • Instant withdrawals from savings pots
  • Better assessment of credit worthiness (for overdrafts and loans)
  • Something else (share below!)

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I’ve left off fixing the payments tab - and all the good stuff about payments in general - because @kavi is on it. In Kavi we trust! :bowing_man:

And - big change for this big poll - I’ve killed off the FitBit Pay option :scream:. After Google acquired FitBit, it felt like it was the best thing to do. Don’t @ me!

Voting closes end of February. No storming my Capitol if you don’t like the results.

Ready, set, poll!


Looking at that list, there’s an awful lot missing from Monzo! Must be five years work there.


Strange you say that, as I was going through to see what to put on the list I thought that the candidates were smaller than in previous years!

I have no insight, but I think they could do quite a few this year if they put their mind to it (anyone remember the Big List). I think there are three categories of stuff:

  • Big software changes (e.g. overhauling budgets) - these will take a few months, at least.
  • Small software changes (e.g. view CVV in app) - these are probably quick but get caught up in ‘compliance’ (or something banky)
  • New integrations or functions that need external attention (e.g. cheque imaging or investment providers in the app) - these will require lots of lead time, lots more money and lots more dependencies on others.

If I were Monzo I’d pick two or three of the top group, a whole bunch of the second, and one or two of the last. Then sequence, focus, and run hard at them…


I would like Monzo to take some of Emma’s aspects. Emma feels a little more like a central financial hub, that I hoped Monzo would be when I started way back in the Mondo days.

A proper budgeting system would be useful too, or at least a decent Google Sheets template to allow for this.


Could you give some examples about what differentiates Emma for you?

(I don’t use it any more, because it wasn’t really giving me any value or significant insight).

I ended up in the premium version to be fair but they have a way of entering offline accounts, split into investments, loans, accounts etc plus linked accounts.

Then you have an overall debt, an overall balance and thus an overall analysis of my financial status.

I can then see a graph of my overall debt reducing as I update monthly (or automatically in a credit card) and can go into each debt individually to see.

They also allow smaller things like custom naming of transactions, allowing you to immediately update icons, allowing you to assign a category to all previous transactions.

They also have more insights that are weekly in a user friendly format: “You spend less at Pret this week!” just as an example of a fun way to view money you spend.


Emma “on top” of Monzo and all my other accounts is a winning combo.

Very little on the list I want to see. Innovative financial products would be nice. Beyond the core account, there’s still very little of interest (no pun intended)


Off topic, but the only reason I never gave Emma a try is because Facebook was used for assisting with sign up, auth, and human verification, and I didn’t fancy willingly supplying Facebook with my mobile number or anything else.

Is this still the case with Emma? Sign In with Apple would be nice.

Monzo-like transaction info, search, spending analytics, and budgeting that spans across non-monzo accounts… something monzo doesn’t offer!


Interesting to see Credit Card top it so far. And a full web app should happen too.
Dark mode on the way…

Joint account Parity and Kids accounts way down. Must be the :monzo: demographic that I’m beyond :man_shrugging:

But well done @Peter_G - another outstanding poll, worthy of the badge :clap::clap:


Just downloaded it after the comments in this thread to test it out and it seems that both phone number and Sign In with Apple are a possibility (as well as Facebook)


Awesome! I’ve just downloaded it to give it a try now too. The only aggregation this seems to be lacking in is savings and mortgages. Everything else I use is there, including Paypal and Freetrade. Very nice. Will need to look into how they handle my data, how they use, and what they intend to do with it.


It doesn’t have Freetrade

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Shows up here

Try tapping it!


Can’t! Need to add a bank first, which I’ll do once I’m caught up on their data practices if I like them! Do you have a screenshot of what happens after you add a current account?

Below is a screenshot of what happens when you tap Freetrade (not sure if that’s what you meant). They do this for several of the providers in their list…


Ah, thank you! That’s disappointing.

You can add manual accounts but I think that’s a paid perk?

I forgot to cancel my trial so I paid for a year so I’m not sure what’s free and what’s not.


Yeah that’s a paid feature. List of paid features here…