Sun's out, and so are our new features ☀️ May 2023 updates

Hiya all :wave:

We’re well into spring and we’ve been absolutely buzzing with excitement. :honeybee:

And you know this warmer weather brings even hotter new features:

Credit Card Pots :credit_card:

What if you could automatically set money aside to pay your credit card balance whenever you used your credit card? Now you can, with a new Credit Card Pot!

As you spend on your credit card, we’ll move money into the Pot made especially for helping you pay off your balance. Just tell us how much you want to pay each month.

You’ll need to set up payments to come from your Monzo account through your credit card issuer. You can also set up auto-pay so the payment is automatically made from your Credit Card Pot when it’s due.

See how it works in our blog post.

Automated Salary Sorter :red_car:

Imagine having all your money neatly organized into your Pots as soon as you get paid.

Our improved Salary Sorter tool can sort your salary automatically, even without you having to lift a finger. It can also save your preferences for the future and track your past sorts.

See how this works in our blog post.

Polishing up the app :soap:

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning around the app to continue our visions of simple yet purposeful design. You may have noticed some changes already, like the refreshed “Add money” screen.

New app icons :blush:

Did you know you can personalize your Monzo app with a different app icon?

As part of our ongoing creative refresh, new and refreshed app icons are here! We refreshed existing icons like Black culture and Pride, and also added new ones like “Stand with Ukraine”.

Website refresh :art:

In case you missed it, our Monzo US website also got a makeover! We still have big plans to make it easier to find resources you need to make managing your money easy. Be sure to watch this space. :eyes:

We retired Summary on May 23 :sun_behind_large_cloud:

At Monzo, we’re constantly improving our features to make money work for you. While Summary detailed your spending with Monzo, Trends gives you even better insights across all of your accounts, both Monzo and non-Monzo.

Trends has replaced Summary for a more comprehensive and personalized experience, so you can make sense of your spending habits, set an overall monthly spending target, and set individual targets for all your categories.


We can’t wait to see how these new features help you crush your goals. :muscle: Let us know what else would help you using the feedback form in app.

As always, thank you for being an important part of Monzo. :heart: