Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Niamh Power (Mobile Engineer, Android & iOS) 📲

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Yes yes, forum fam! You’ve heard the rumours and the whispers and I’m here to confirm it is true. I am indeed back from a short holiday. I had some time off. It was supposed to be refreshing. It wasn’t. You ever take a holiday and then need another holiday to recover? :beer: :sleeping_bed: :joy:

A week is a long time in Monzo land, and it seems we’re just a stone’s throw away from 1.1 million customers now!!! :astonished: Feels like it was just one month ago that we hit a million… oh wait :wink:

And we have ads running on the tube now? Awwww yeahhhhh. This quick straw poll by @o99 is showing that opinions are pretty evenly split on which is the best, so that feels like a good sign!

Massive shoutout to guest-host @BethS and @brenda for doing an excellent Q&A in my absence!


Now let’s get this show, as they say, on the road! :oncoming_taxi:

But first, you’ve hopefully done your homework. If not, have a Netflix-style binge on us. A whole world of hot coral entertainment, for the price of free :wink:

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This week, in the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️ we’ve got the awesome Niamh Power - Mobile Engineer for both Android AND iOS! That’s some serious programming power right there.


Niamh started here last month, and is working on our Lending team, helping develop our Overdrafts and Loans on both platforms.

Fun Fact About Niamh!

“I had the chance to go skiing with Rick Astley, unfortunately the dates didn’t line up!”

Her favourite thing about working at Monzo?

“Being able to work on something that people love and care about” :two_hearts:

Get your questions in folks, Niamh will be here on Friday to answer them :grinning:


Which is better iOS or Android? :sunglasses:


Do you have any relatives named Max?


“I had the chance to go skiing with Rick Astley, unfortunately the dates didn’t line up!”

Did he let you down?


Would you rather the ability to:

Play any musical instrument perfectly. No limits on number of instruments etc.

Speak and understand any language fluently. Speaking, listening, and reading.

What do you think are the most exciting new developments in both Android and iOS?


If you could work on bringing one feature to Monzo that isn’t available what would it be?

And a second question please…

What has been the biggest challenge for you at Monzo?

Now that Monzo have a Mobile Engineer, will they now repair our phones if we send them in?


Is being an engineer for both platforms common at Monzo? I imagine it keeps life interesting at least!

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Hello! :wave: Can you tell us anything about any new features you’re working on?

Also, how do you prioritise fixing bugs? There’s quite a few that are sitting in the bug reports bit of the forum that would be super satisfying to tick off as done! (And any chance of fixing this one - it’s, ahem, bugging me)


What’s your favorite app?

Have you ever had a cool feature idea that’s supported on one platform but not the other? Are there things you’d love to implement but can’t because platform parity?

What OS does your personal phone run? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Feel free to pick and choose or answer all :slight_smile:

  • How did you discover being a mobile engineer is right for you?

  • Are there any resources or tips you can provide for someone looking to head down the same path. What to learn etc?

  • Is there any other aspects of technology you’d like to be an engineer of?

  • What was your first week at Monzo like?

  • As you use various apps do you often think how they could be engineered differently?


You joined Monzo not so long ago but how long you have been using Monzo and in your opinion what is the best feature in Monzo?


Hey all,

Just a quick update - Niamh headed out to a conference over the weekend, and didn’t take her work laptop - she’s missing access to her Monzo-related logins, including her forum account.

We’re really sorry this Q&A fell through the cracks - I guess there’s a first time for everything! :grimacing:

The good news is that I guess you’ll get two Q&A’s this week :tada:


Hi all! Apologies for not answering all of these on Friday, was getting some bug fixes done before I went away and I’ve been in Prague at the Firebase Summit :slight_smile: Got my answers ready so will be posting these now…


Tough question! For personal use, I much prefer Android, mostly for the flexibility, and to be honest it comes down to a lot of personal preference. For development it’s a much closer call, Android Studio is much more intelligent and reliable than the equivalent for iOS, Xcode. But also some of the features like the interface builder and the simulator are much more advanced, although this is becoming a closer and closer competition each year.


Haha, I wish! I’d love to call a future son that one day. My Dad’s favourite Simpson episode is the one where he changes his name to Max Power, it’s a particular family classic!


Unfortunately, I did! It was my last week of university so felt I should probably be there! So at least he’s sticking to his word.