Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Emily Parrett (COps, Call & The Gang!)

What do you do to cool off after a difficult phone call? Do “Call and the Gang” have any rituals?


Is there some sort of ‘approved’ corporate tone for social media interactions or do you have some freedom to play each one as you see fit?


How difficult is it to remember who is staff and who isn’t on Twitter when responding to stuff? (Especially as the company grows :chart_with_upwards_trend:)


Same they called me straight back to an international number when I was abroad that must have costed them.


Not knocking Monzo, as that is fantastic service, but international call costs are surprisingly low these days - especially at wholesale levels. The markup on retail customers is insane.

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Ahhh, I struggle so much with cats questions. I love my cat, but there are just so many extremely sweet dogs in Monzo HQ. I’m going to say dogs for that reason, but I love my cat a LOT. Pizza with pineapple is a winner. Always. But sometimes it can be a lil soggy… (sorry all!)


Love it. After being separate from the rest of the company, it’s great to be back! I’m particularly a fan of the fact Call and The Gang have their own space too. I’d like a corner for all of Monzo’s dogs somewhere in our room, but I’ll work on that. Call and The Gang puppy daycare would be 10/10… :dog::heart:

Although I’m not sure anybody wants to call their bank & hear dogs barking :thinking:


I’m going to say dogs for that reason

Where’s the “hot coral broken heart” emoji? Oh well, the flag button will have to do. :joy:


Flagged also :eyes:


That’s a tough one! I’m not sure we really have an answer to that. There are lots of calls that perhaps don’t need to happen, but I think that’s what happens when a company grows. Young tech-savvy people may never need to call us, but we now have a 900,000+ users with many varying needs. One person may consider something as non-urgent, but to the person calling it may be pretty crucial :rotating_light:

But we get some people who call just to chat, which isn’t encouraged at most ‘call centres’ (there’s literally like a handful of us lot, so I’m personally not going to call us a call centre just yet). The same names popping up over and over again for very small things! But that’s also quite nice as it means we’re obviously doing something right if they keep calling us for a chat. We’re a small squad so we get to really know some of the customers :heart:

Ummmm, we get lots of great calls so it’s hard to pin one down. But one of the team recently answered the call to somebody with a small query. Anon team member thought caller was one of our team testing the phones. Then realised after that nope, it wasn’t them :joy: That user would have had a very happy experience though!


Probably not more than… I wouldn’t say there’s one demographic that call the most. But we often speak to some really really lovely more elderly users on the phone :heart_eyes:

Often grandchildren/family members/people in their home have recommended us, they sign up with very little clue as to what Monzo is & we have such lovely chats as they slowly fall in love with the app before them :joy:

We really encourage people to use the in-app chat, as most things need to be taken to the app anyway - there’s a limit to what can be done over the phones. We’re also a much much much smaller team in calls and social media than the rest of COps! Calls per day huuugely differs too. You’ll have some days that are completely wild and we’re having to work super fast to get each call answered & sorted. But other days it can be super quiet. The numbers are increasing a lot at the moment though, as we’re growing so fast.


Surprisingly, in my experience, we don’t get many people asking for our branch. @brenda do correct me if I’m wrong though…! I don’t think I can recall anybody ever asking me this question. It seems like a good bit of common knowledge that we’re app-only… I think… Brenda, what’s your view on this? :iphone:

Often we’ll ask them to do it through the app next time, but we all love a good chat so it’s also fine if they call back. But people have varying needs and some people find reading/writing a struggle, and others just want to hear a voice. We love a good chat in Call and The Gang, so always happy to pick up the phone! (It’s what we’re here for, after all) :grin:


At the moment it’s built internally on a platform by wonderful Monzo staff :hammer_and_pick: Every day we’ve got new ideas for how we can make it more efficient & our lovely Captain @Fred works hard to make sure CATG are getting the best tools! :tada:

I drink so much coffee. My favourite coffee shop has to 1000000% be It’s a coffee shop back in Kent and just such a nice place to chill. They also have events there, so I went to a Two-Tone night there last year. If you’re ever in S. E Kent, check it out :notes: :coffee:

I’m not really sure on the answer with this one if I’m perfectly honest. But I think they often have huge call centres, which may be something to do with why they don’t need it? Couldn’t give you a solid answer on that one though, sorry Josh!

Lastly… the most common reason people call Monzo… :crystal_ball: Perhaps people finding cards (as our number’s written on it) or people trying to log in with the wrong email address :see_no_evil:

It changes each week, but I think these are probably the leading two!


Danny, fantastic question, thank you.

Used to love a good fountain pen back in the day. Fun fact (that’s not really very fun): I tried calligraphy lessons before. Good ol’ fountain pens eh, gotta love 'em :black_nib:️ 10/10

Biro’s super useful for sticking your hair in a bun if you’re without a hair band. Just pop it through like a chopstick :haircut_woman:So that gets 9/10 points

Gel pens always tend to go everywhere don’t they? Or at least used to. Memories of me with ink all over the place as a kid come to mind… :grimacing: 3/10

I’ve never actually used a quill! Note to self: attend next team meeting & take all notes with a quill. N/A


Hmmmmm, good question Leonard. Hard to answer… :thinking:

We have so many nice calls that it’s hard to really choose one :raised_hands:

But when a customer calls and they talk about something personal that they’ve never spoken about before, it’s pretty nice. Knowing we’re in a position that we can actually help this customer, or advise them on charities etc. It’s also nice that they chose somebody at their bank to be the first person that they talk about this to. I think that says a lot about Monzo :heart:

Which on the otherrrrr hand… these calls can be really upsetting or triggering for some people. It’s important that we all really support eachother in this team.

Would love to know what @brenda’s favourite call has been…

And for the worst :crossed_swords:️ … now that’s probably going to be the people who call and scream at you/try to do a personal attack/threaten you. Nobody really wants to be on the receiving end of those calls.


Heya! I have indeed and it was so so lovely speaking with them. This is a really great community & I absolutely love how a bank card has brought so many people together.

Monzo’s community is absolutely 5 star :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:


That’s an interesting question Peter. Calling Monzo is, I hope, a very enjoyable experience. At the moment, we don’t send you into a queue, we either answer it or call you back asap. There’s also a message, yeah! Just to make sure we don’t get too many sales calls and that people know the app is the best place to go. This was recorded by the brilliant @lopezelpesado :microphone:

Security is a variety of levels on calls. We’ll always check date of birth, email address, full name etc. But there are other much more precise steps we take if we’re not certain. With account info etc, we’ll do that through the app and do further security steps though. We mainly just do technical things over the phone (like helping people log in) :hammer_and_pick:

I’d go back to India. Beautiful country that I need to explore more of! Dipped my toes in and now want to take my Monzo card on a tour of the country.

Where would you go Peter? :earth_americas:


Yay! That’s so good to hear Jack. I’ll pass this on to the team :raised_hands:


Tom, in all honesty, working in Call and The Gang is the MOST fun & supportive team :blue_heart:

When nobody’s on the phones, we’re singing away to our favourite musicals (there are 4 females in the London office in the main calls team, all with music/musical theatre backgrounds). We have our own room so it’s always a bit of a party in there :notes:

When somebody’s had a rough call, we’ll actively encourage them to do what they need to in order to feel better. It’s so important to us that we are always checking in with each other. But really our main ‘ritual’ in the London office really is to keep singing and dancing. Calls can be really difficult but we’re a really solid team who are really close friends and not just colleagues. And we have a lot of fun doing our job. The managers are also amazing at making sure we’re ok and everybody’s being checked in on :grin:


Harry Ashbridge gives everybody a solid grounding on the Tone of Voice and then it’s kinda person-to-person how we use it. We’re all slightly different in our writing though really. I train COps on how to take creative risks whilst still being a bank social media. I have a really fun time on the social media and will always take any opportunity to be playful (where appropriate) :joy:

Of course we need to be as consistent as possible, but each of us is a different person. We’ve created rules about what we should/shouldn’t do, when to emoji, when to gif etc. But we’re lucky in that it’s kinda up to us how we are as long as we stick to the Tone of Voice and our general rules :tada: