Monzo Shares for sale Wiki

For anyone looking to sell Monzo shares held with Crowdcube please read this section in full and add your details below. If you do have a buyer agreed or a sale etc. Please then also update your details and move your line to the sold section.

Monzo is strict on selling shares. Crowdcube requires details of your proposed buyer (a Crowdcube email address) alongside your evidence for sale to submit your request to Monzo. When entering into a sale agreement both parties should be aware that it may later be declined.

You can only buy/sell in blocks
Currently all sales and purchases need to be in blocks as they were purchased in the funding rounds. So in the table below you can see a block section. If you want to purchase you need to be prepared to pay for all of the block on offer. For example if someone is selling 498 / 73 then you can buy 498 as a block or 73 as a block. You CANNOT just buy 5 from the block.

Previous Rounds/Pricing
Round 1: £0.51
Round 2: £1.00
Round 3: £2.35
Round 4: £7.72
Y Combinator (non-crowd): £13.0194
2020 Down round (non-crowd): £7.7145

Escrow Option

(Date) - (User) - (block 1/2/3) - (guide price) - (status)

12/05/22 - 65 shares for sale £14 (£910 in total) - safe escrow transfer only. Email or DM me to discuss

08/04/2022 - @antwan - Looking to sell my 3,378 ordinary shares (1949/995/434) - £14 per share - Transfer through escrow - DM me here or email:

27/02/2022 - @richard.W - Want to sell my 50 ordinary shares - £14 per share - transfer through Transpact Escrow - message me here or email:

23/06/2021 - @adsdream - Interested to sell 130 Shares - £12.00 per share - DM me here or email

23/09/2020 @ shares (Profile - shares - Monzo Community) @ £7.50 per share - Qty 498 shares (total £3,735) - Available and approved by Monzo. Transferee (buyer) confirmation required upon purchase for transfer. Please message here, initially. UNDER OFFER

1/09/2020 - @ JackSpur57 - 104 shares available - £9.50 per share - Available. Email:

18/08/2020 - @ h2n - 1,949/1,949/995/995/434/434 6,756 shares available - £8 per share - Available. Email:

15/08/2020 @ NWAnderson - 130 shares - email-

29/01/20 - [at]JohnYi - 385 - £15 - available & (reason for transfer)approved
**only monzos transferee confirmation is needed when you decide to buy. There are several people cancelling during this confirmation. Please contact when you are definitely available for trade. Email (

17/06/2020 - @ Arwell - 181 Shares Available - £15 per share (£2,715) - Available and Approved. Email:

20/06/2020 - @ AlexW - 259 share available - £15 per share (£3885) - Available. Email

20/06/2020 - @ jruza88 - 500 shares available - £15 per share. available. Email:

18/03/2021 - @Monzo9999 - 1949/434 both lots sold

20/03/2021 - @Rasbas - 995 shares - £6.50 per share - Message me via the forum.

14/05/21 - @finleyhartsuiker - 13 shares @ £7.50 per share -

22/06/21 - @oc5529 - 65 shares @ £7.00 per share -


25/10/21 - ready to buy any and all for £7 per. Whatsapp +447979941565 - Josh

08/10/21 - Looking to Buy - looking for up to 1000 shares for £7.20 per share. Email: | Watsapp (+44) 7557539882

22.01.21 - @ 101 Looking to BUY - £discuss per share - email:

15.09.20 - @lockwood - Buy £6/share. Up to 750 shares. Already a Monzo investor. Please DM on here initially.

13/01/21 - @Angel-Ting Looking to Buy (200 shares) - £5 per share - DM me here.

12/07/21 - @ Lampran Looking to Buy (200-400 Shares) - £6 per share, already a Monzo investor. Please DM me.

17/12/21 @Aadams Existing shareholder looking to BUY shares £discuss per share, DM here or message:


Round 3: £2.35
Round 4: £7.71

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Added them in. :+1:t2:

I have 995 shares for sale, along with approval from Crowdcube to transfer them due to exceptional circumstances. I am open to (sensible) offers.if anyone is interested?


259 Shares for sale at £13.50

I’ve added @Deanoooo21’s and your offer to the first overview.
For new readers: this post has been made a wiki so if you’d like to buy or sell, you can add your offer in the first post.

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Thanks Berth, not really sure how all this works but looking at the 2 other options at the top of the page I’d suggest £12.50 per share for a reasonably quick sale.

Hey @Frankiejr, I think that @Rat_au_van has wikified (totally a word) this for you. Just wondering if you wanted to change the intro text when you get time so that folk know what’s what with this thread? :smiley:

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Is it possible to sell the shares in smaller portions? Or do all 995 have to be sold in one transaction?

It’s a Wiki, so you could :eyes: … or I could :eyes: … or we all could.


What portions? I am looking to sell them all so would prioritise an offer for them all.

To my knowledge a whole block has to be sold at once.


Cool thanks, I’ll keep saving the pennies then…!

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I wasn’t aware of this. So if I were to sell my 995 it would simply need to be in one go?

I think so, yes. Please don’t take my word for it though, I am sure someone else here has been through the process and knows.

Happy to buy any shares at £11-12 per share depending on quantity, DM me.


Each block has to be sold in its entirety.

It concerns me that people are jumping into buying or selling shares without having done any research what so ever. This is so careless and dangerous :scream:

For everyones information, see the below from @yen


If you click on the top right corner of the original " wiki post " - the red text - it enables you to edit the original post , then click on "edit wiki " at the left bottom , and then type your details / shares / price to the list which up dates the list of shares for sale , then click " save edit " - which enables users to see what shares are for sale , what shares are still for sale ( if - and its a big if , users edit their shareholding when sold ) rather than having to scroll through what I would imagine will be a long thread

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What do people think about an ‘offer to buy’ section as well as the offers to sell?

Then if someone really does need to sell urgently they can just message @benjaminlbowles or whoever is offering the right offer to arrange a quick sale, rather than listing their details and coming up with their own valuation.

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I nearly said that :grin: