Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Thanks Ordog. I rarely sign in and out as it is generally open on my phone and I couldn’t figure out why after a year it was asking me to sign in when I hadn’t done anything but I have gone ahead and all seems OK but thank you for yr response.

Can you please help me to answer the following questions:

Why should I use Monzo? What is unique offering of Monzo?

Sounds like a discussion for another thread! We’re mostly just customers here and aren’t trying to sell you Monzo.

If you’re thinking about it, try it and if you don’t like it then close your account. No harm done.


Because you want a bank account. There’s no compelling reason to choose Monzo over any other bank, other than the budgeting options available.

As @Peter_G said above, try it. If you don’t like it, try a different bank.


im looking to sell Monzo share. I have approval from crowdcube. 995 shares block 2.
new to the group so need help posting?

Hello and welcome :wave:

You need to post these in the for sale wiki below and don’t forget to state the price you’re selling them for :slight_smile:

thanks for your help.
Do I reply to this message with the details? I’ve tried editing the thread you suggested but cannot for some reason.

Hei ma puteti ajuta si pe mine cu o informatie? Imi puteti spune daca pot depunde cecurile primite la munca in uk in contul monzo? Si unde le pot depune

Hey can you help me with some information? Can you tell me if I can deposit the checks received at work in the uk into the monzo account? And where I can deposit them

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i got one new phone, P40 Huawei phone. but it seems can not find Monzo app in the app shop, (called app gallery). but i have been use Monzo for long time. how can i use in my new phone? my old phone almost broken. if new phone cannot install app. then seems, i can only give up using Monzo. but i really would like to use. this bank is really convenient. can some help to solve?

Currently monzo don’t have an app in the Huawei app gallery.


Huawei lost access to Google services on Android and as such to the Play store. Monzo, and many other apps are therefore unavailable. If you bought your phone in the U.K. I’ve seen disclaimers warning people about this in many places

So means I have to give up use Monzo? Can you develop one app in Huawei app gallery.

We are just customers like you, monzo said it’s not on the roadmap at the moment, so don’t hold your breath.

You can get the APK off an old phone and use that but functionality will be limited, for example no notifications.

I imagine you will be in a similar situation with many other apps too. Certainly worth weighing up your options and the consideration of switching phones if you’re still in your cooling off period.

As mentioned, not just for Monzo but for all the other apps that are not supported. I had a quick Google and found this list:

  1. Zoom - No
  2. Houseparty - No
  3. Disney+ - No
  4. Microsoft Teams - No but Microsoft Office, Swiftkey, Bing and Microsoft News are available so it’s probably only a matter of time.
  5. TikTok - Yes
  6. WhatsApp - No
  7. Skype - Yes, in the form of Skype Lite.
  8. Messenger - No
  9. BBC News - No
  10. Instagram - No
  11. Netflix - No
  12. Microsoft Outlook - No but see Microsoft note above
  13. Tesco Grocery - No
  14. Uber Eats - No (and no Uber)
  15. Audible - No
  16. Asda - No
  17. Twitter - No
  18. Snapchat - Yes
  19. Sky News - No
  20. NHS - No
  21. Prime Video - No but as the main Amazon Shopping app is present, we’d expect this at some point.
  22. Discord - No
  23. Just Eat - Yes
  24. Facebook - No
  25. Morrisons - No
  26. Spotify - No
  27. BBC iPlayer - No
  28. Twitch - No
  29. Deliveroo - Yes
  30. Duolingo - No
  31. eBay - No
  32. Amazon Shopping - Yes


Recenty i was charged twice for one purchase, do you know what i can do?

thank you

If you look at the charges the first one probably says pending if this is the case the money has not really left your account but is ringfenced for the retailer it will return to your account in 7-30 days depending on the type of retailer

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Contact the company that charged you twice.


Bit of a weird one but has anybody else had any issues using their Virtual Cards on Amazon? I’ve tried to order 3 separate times using them and every time Amazon come back and say the order has been declined due to the payment method. I’ve just re-entered the card details and entered the correct billing address and Amazon have now locked my account for security and require me to send them a bank statement…

My main Monzo card seems to work no problem and my virtual cards seem to work fine everywhere else?