Existing investor looking to buy shares 2023

Hi guys,

I’m a beta user (#6650!) and April 2016 Crowdcube investor, and I’m interested in buying some more shares.

I’m wondering if anyone is interested in selling? Please let me know :+1:


Shares cannot be bought at this stage.

Is there a stop on selling shares privately at the moment?

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I can’t imagine shares are going to be cheap, last update they were £14 and that was a while ago, Monzo has grown a lot since then.

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I don’t think so. But don’t you have to apply via Crowdcube to sell, then need approval from the Monzo Board for the sale?

Or has it changed?

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I think it’s approval to sell from monzo, and then you just tell crowdcube who to issue the shares to, so you’d need to find someone who can sell.


Is something happening internally that some people know about? Seeing this message on the forum plus I had a private message on LinkedIn today from someone in the US asking if I would sell my Monzo shares.

Anyone else had any similar experience in the last 24-48 hours?

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If so, purely coincidental as I don’t work for Monzo or have any inside knowledge whatsoever - simply exploring investment options for a bit of extra cash I’ve recently received :+1:

I turned down a topup of shares a few years back (2018 I think?) and have regretted it since!


Well for shareholders looking to offload their shares visit the below link to the relevant forum page, you can see who is selling as well as post your intention to purchase shares.


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It’s not that simple. You can only sell in exceptional circumstances.