Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Can this feature be added if you want to make a large purchase - you put the amount and how long you want to save for and it’s calculated how much each month and that amount gets taken from your account to a saving pot

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Start a new topic in the ‘Feedback & Ideas’ section and if enough people vote on it I’m sure it will get Monzos attention :slight_smile:

In the mean time you’d just have to do the math manually and setup a scheduled pot transfer for the monthly amount. Not a huge amount of work but having it automated wouldn’t be so bad either.

Hi there, I have a newbie question: I have two Christian names and a surname but I’ve always used my middle name (don’t ask why, you’d have to ask my Mum). Is it possible to have my Monzo account use my middle and surname (and disregard my first name)? If possible, I’d like this change on my account and my monzo card.

Appreciate any help or advice!

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Just message us in the app and we can get this sorted and a new card sent out for you :blush:


Hi im new in the community and I am looking to sell the 498 shares that I got through crowdcube for Monzo.


You need to add your details to the following topic (the first post is an editable wiki item).

You may need to use the forum a little while to gain privileges to edit it, though.

Don’t forget to seek approval to sell first! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ordog,

From who and what’s the process to get the approval for it?


It’s all in the topic that was linked to above. They’re quite strict on whether they will allow you to sell - it has to be extenuating circumstances :slight_smile:

i contacted crowdcube but they refer me to first find a transferee so they can then contact Monzo?

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Yep that’s fine. Then the extenuating circumstances part applies on whether Monzo approve the sale or not :slight_smile:

EG. If you’re just short on cash or want to use it towards a house purchase (as per recent examples) it is likely that the sale wont be authorised.

So shall I contact Monzo then first and ask them?

The reason is to pay some credit debts are making me be unable to pay my rent and bills

I’ve never followed the procedure, just read about peoples experiences on here. I don’t think they’ll approve your sale for that (I think someone has had the same reason before) but there is no harm in asking.

The sale process is very lengthy. People are waiting several months for a response from the Monzo board and that’s after they’ve found a buyer. If you have 500 shares you’re going to want someone with at least £5k spare who reads this forum so you may be waiting a while in addition to this.

Personally I’d explore a different option such as a consolidation loan or something but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

thanks again and sorry for my ingonarance as this is the first, and most likely the last time, I’ve done crowfunding.

Are you then suggesting is pretty unlikely I will ever be able to sell this shares and that is just money I will never see again?

Thanks again

I’m just explaining the process, in that it’s lengthy and that you need extenuating circumstances to sell.

Your shares have always been illiquid and everyone was warned that this was a long term investment when they bought them too. I’m not saying that you’ll never sell them or see your money again, just that if you’re desperate now - then you’re going to be waiting a long while so perhaps don’t solely rely on selling your shares to get you out of your situation in the short term :slight_smile:

@jruza88 I’d be interested in buying a small amount to get you started!

You have to buy them all.

See the Wiki for the process.

Ah, ok. Thanks!

Hello, this may have been already been asked, but I was wondering whether there would be an option at some point for rounded up transactions to be included in the budget summary?

I currently set a monthly budget to manage my spending across categories, but what I’m finding is that with round up turned on, my available balance is lower than my budget balance, making it more difficult to manage this.

If anyone knows whether there is an update coming that incorporates the round up into the summary, please let me know :blush:

How about introducing a Monzo credit card machine that charges users less if the customer pays with a Monzo card … Im a taxi driver and i find a lot of students use monzo cards … I would use your credit card machine if a was charged less if a monzo student etc payed with their monzo card :slight_smile: :slight_smile: