Sale of Monzo Shares


I purchased some share in Monzo in the initial round via Crowdfunding. I am keen to understand opportunities to sell these. Any advice or direction please about how appreciated.


Read this;

TL;DR It’s difficult.


Stop spamming this across the community. The link is right above your post.


Hi there. I’m a long time Monzo user that wasn’t in the position to buy shares previously. A few years on and I now have a good sized portfolio in both public & private companies and think it’s about time I circle back to Monzo and become a shareholder, if indeed that’s possible. I would be very interested in purchasing from any existing shareholder that wishes to sell, noting of course that this will have to be approved by Crowdcube/Monzo. Please drop me a line if this is of genuine interest to anyone. Thanks & all the best. Joe

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Afraid its not as simple as that. There’s no open market to buy shares nor can you just ask for it. Just gonna have to wait and hope I guess.

I have read it, hence posting here as instructed. Thanks

Hi, the article requests interested parties to post here precisely because there is no open market. Hence posting…

You don’t need to post here asking for sellers. 2 comments up from your original comment is a wiki that lists them all.

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Even if there weren’t any you don’t post here but add yourself to the buyers section of the wiki

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