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I suppose we could just add that to the above too?

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I’d suggest to keep it simple put the emphasis on the buyer to find their seller. This is the way most sales work. A market stall offers bananas, the buyer goes finds the best price from which stall. Ebay the buyer goes and looks at whats on offer. Rightmove. It seems cleaner to me to keep it one directional. I can foresee dreamer buyers clogging up a thread saying “i would like buy for £7”. Or “i would like to buy 25 shares” etc. without checking the sales board, without knowing they have to be bought in chunks, and/or without doing the maths that 1000 shares @ £10 is a lot of money

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Don’t think this is in the wiki. Has anyone who has sold been asked to provide documentation? Unspecific documentation.

What kind of documentation? I have seen documentation requested to prove identity but otherwise nothing else.

There’ll be a lot more buyers than sellers and typically sellers are looking for a prompt sale so it makes sense to allow for sellers to visit the wiki and be able to immediately identify buyers who meet their criteria (in terms of price and limit on the number of shares). This has the added benefit of not requiring every buyer to constantly monitor the thread, rather they can be confident that if new shares become available in their price range they’ll be contacted by the seller, and sellers can be more confident in their pricing because the available prices for them to sell at are public – and they can get the best price by negotiation with multiple buyers at the same time, instead of waiting days/weeks for people to see their listing and contact them.

Best option: allow both buyers and sellers to list themselves (buyers: per-share amount and total budget, sellers: amount of shares, per share, total cost – to make calculations easier for buyers)
Second best: just list buyers
Third best: just list sellers

For example, I’m willing to buy any amount of shares at the last round price (£7.72[1]), which is helpful information for anyone looking to sell, because not only does it give them an opportunity to sell it also helps them understand the offers available which gives more confidence in pricing their shares :slight_smile:

[1] which I know is a lowball offer and unlikely to attract any interest but the offer is there in case anyone wants to sell a potentially large amount quickly.

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Hi - selling 995 shares for £10 per share. I know, I know, it’s cheap - but I need a fast hassle-free sale.

I posted the offer on the old thread and received about five messages from various buyers, but everyone went quiet - looks like they are window shopping or something.

Reason for sale: recent business venture failed and need liquidity.

Reason for cheap price: need liquidity fast, and represents a good return for me.

I am in contact with Crowcube who have sent me the instructions for the sale. I can forward these to the interested buyer.

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Great post :+1:

You need to add your price and number of shares to the first post in this topic with everyone elses.

It’s a wiki so that means you can edit it yourself :slight_smile:

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It was evidence to show financial difficulty/reason for sale

Ahh that’s interesting, I guess this is the ‘exceptional circumstances’ part that keeps getting referred to.

This therefore begs the question for the below…

If someone is asking for the above amount does that contradict the reasoning you could have possibly given for the sale and would Monzo/Crowdcube be aware :thinking:


Well they said the doc would speed things up. They didn’t say it was impossible without but didn’t get to that

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Im in the process of selling my Shares and they do not interfere in the price u set as they ask you to use an escrow service. Here is the emails i got from them.

Thank you for your email.

You hold the beneficial title to 130 E Ordinary shares in Monzo Bank Limited (“Shares”). You wish to transfer the beneficial title to the Shares for financial reasons (the “Transfer”).

In order to process the Transfer, we shall need:

  • for you to select a transferee. For example, a friend or relative;
  • if the transferee is not a permitted transferee under the Articles (e.g. spouse or child), the Company will need to consent to the transfer. If this is the case, please provide details of the transferee and we will request the consent from the Company;
  • if the transferee is not already a Crowdcube member, for the transferee to create a Crowdcube account by visiting the Crowdcube website: Please confirm when this account has been created and provide the transferee’s email address;
  • The transferee to pass our standard AML checks, and provide documents to prove their identity if required;
  • The transferee to confirm they are happy to be bound by the Articles and any shareholders’ or investment agreement; and
  • an executed letter of direction. We will provide a template when you have selected a transferee and received consent from the Company (if applicable).

I look forward to hearing from you soon with the details of your proposed transferr. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Your shares are held under Crowdcube Nominees Limited and so will need to be transferred to another investor, rather than sold back to Monzo. You will need to find a transferee and we can put your request to the team at Monzo for review.

I am afraid that Crowcube are unable to deal with payments for transfers. Any payment arrangement would be between the transferor and transferee and not something that we can help to facilitate. This is due to our regulated status, we are not able to hold money for transfers.

If using an online escrow service, I am happy to wait for both parties to confirm that they are happy to proceed before completing the share transfer.

I hope this information helps? Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Monzo is doing their internal checks on both me and my buyer and should message me back today. I’ll let you guys know if they do ask for any documents etc.


That’s cool, thanks for sharing all of this.

I wouldn’t imagine they can interfere with the price you set, that’s entirely up to you.

My question (and I’m trying not to pick on anyone) is that you have to sell under exceptional circumstances. So you give your reason (like @NotMyName did) whereby you need the money quickly because of a failed business venture. Then it transpires that you’re selling them for 5 times what you paid and they’ve been advertised for 8+ months.

You then go back to Monzo/Crowdcube and after those 8 months and say, “I’ve got a seller, here are their details, can you finalise it all”. Are they then going to say that based on evidence, the reason you gave them originally clearly wasn’t exceptional so the agreement is now void?

In summary: If you’re looking to make a healthy profit and haven’t adjusted the price in such long time, to me it would appear you’re not that desperate to sell them. Can this bite you in the ass later down the line?


Good question. I have contacted Monzo on their live chat about a month ago and started looking actively to sell for over 4 days now and did lower my price as I need to get out of overdraft. As said in the email they do go through security on both ends. Buyers money is in Transpact now but was told not to do anything until I get a reply which should be any minute today.

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As we saw in the previous thread, the “exceptional circumstances” clause is either rarely invoked or not invoked at all (I can’t recall anyone stating that their transfer was denied due to there circumstances being too unexceptional). It is likely a ‘don’t take the piss’ clause to prevent abuse through widespread share trading (which would have overhead for Crowdcube and Monzo) via selective enforcement.


The limit is kind of what I’m looking for.

If I can advertise my shares for a decent profit on the off chance that someone will pay it, then I want to do so too.

What I don’t want to do is waste my own, the sellers and everyone elses time in doing so when it might not go through.

Hi James.
I’m interested. What median is best to contact you?

I can’t see Monzo or Crowdcube giving a pair of foetid dingo’s kidneys what profit you may be making on a sale. They see no cut of an OTC sale, so it is utterly meaningless to them.
What is of meaning to them is that any transaction, of any value, for any size share block, will incur the same administrative costs for them. They want that administrative cost minimised, so the ‘exceptional circumstances’ clause is to provide an avenue to tell people “knock it off” they they’re trying to buy or sell tens or hundreds of blocks.


Hey. You would have to buy all 995 shares from him. Costing you £9950, just something to keep in mind.


Hi i have 259shares if you interested send me message


You need to add them to the first post :point_up: and I’d suggest getting your investor flair on here first so you prove you have some for sale.

Perhaps a moderator can lock this thread to stop further comments because people aren’t reading it and it’s becoming like the other one. :roll_eyes: