Interested Sell Monzo Shares because MONZO Terminated My account

I would like to sell monzo shares. Because of Monzo terminated my account and there’s have no reason/means to hold their shares. :confused: Anyone interested to Buy Monzo shares? (Available shares 130)

I am, hit me up with a price

Yeah, what you after £££? :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to clarify in case you’re unaware.

You don’t need a Monzo account to keep your shares. The investment you made in the company is nothing to do with your personal current account.

If you want to sell because you’re upset with the company that’s a different story! I just want to make sure you’re aware you don’t have to sell because they closed your bank account.


I own shares in an oil company but I don’t own any oil.


Bear in mind that you also need an appropriate reason to sell which you will need share with Crowdcube in order to ask Monzo’s permission. This would normally need to some kind of emergency or unexpected situation.


You need to advertise your shares in the below topic:

In here it also details what you need to do in order to be approved and how to keep safe when transferring money and such.

Please list in the linked topic.