Looking to sell shares


I would like to sell 780 monzo shares, any interest?

Investing in Monzo shares
You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀
Is anyone looking to buy/sell shares?
259 Monzo Shares For Sale

How much, out of curiosity


Sure! What’s the price per share?


i will be looking for the best bid. What price do you have in mind?


How would they be sold? Never done anything like that before, but interested.



I am asking crowd cube to clarify in the meantime


Also interested.

Maybe someone from Monzo can jump into confirm the process or let us know if this is even allowed?

(Herp Derp) #8

I think £2.35 a share has been floated on here somewhere…

Funding rounds
A £0.51
B £0.77
C £1.01
D £2.36

from: Looking to buy Monzo shares


that’s the price of the last round - November 2017

(Craig Murdo) #11


(Jack) #12

I’m also interested


If it can be broken up into multiple blocks I’m game for a piece of the action. Just can’t afford all of them.


Chris has the right idea!


i am not too sure it can be allowed, i sent an email to crowdcube. if it can, I will let everybody know.

(Michael) #16

Happy to buy a block or potentially all of them in one block if not able to be broken up.

(Charlie Kelly) #17

I’d like to get in on this too. Not looking for all of them, but if they were split into chunks then I’m game.


£2.36 was last price so how about £2.50 each?

That’s £2,000 just under for the lot?

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I think all the talk of splitting a shareholding is a bit premature before getting the permission from Monzo perhaps @HughWells could clarify Monzos position on this ? or whoever the Q is passed on to :slight_smile:

from the dec last year post it doesnt seem possible to split a “block” - though I assume a “block” is in each individual crowdfunding round not the total “block” of the 3 rounds :slight_smile:

(Dr) #21

Also interested. Would buy all of them for £2.60 per share.