Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

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I’m not associated with them in any way. I have been following them because they announced sales of Monzo and Revolut shares a few weeks ago. That’s all.

@Rat_au_van, They usually acquire shares from former employees or early investors, so someone from Monzo must have authorized the transaction.

If so this could be very interesting.

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They still need to apply to sell them in the usual way, get permission and then name the buyer

Do they still need to do this if the shares are not held by Crowdcube though?

I don’t think so. Their fund buys the shares and enters in the cap table. They need authorization for this. Then people buy a piece of the fund. It’s similar to a nominee structure.

Tim Johnson is linked to Mondo in New York

To protect the community the post has been flagged, I’d suggest no one bats an eye lid at this till things are clarified


So, not :monzo: after all!

It is Monzo!

Hey guys spoke with monzo and crowdcube. I have had some family difficulties and need to sell my 130 Shares. DM me with offers and we can start the process.

@adrianc1 we have changed things recently. Pop over to the wiki to add you shares. This thread is to discuss the process

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Will do really sorry.

I have 995 shares for sale, along with approval from Crowdcube to transfer them due to exceptional circumstances. I am open to (sensible) offers.if anyone is interested?

See post above and add to the wiki please. It helps everyone keep track of what is available.

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1950 shares here. Will sell @ £25/share…

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Can vouch for this, i’ve struggled to consider selling any of mine seriously because a round could be around the corner. So have had a few offers @ £15 / share.

Why is nobody reading anything in this topic before posting :roll_eyes:

Look at the post directly above yours :point_up:


If only I had £48k sitting in my account…

A man can dream

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