Looking to Sell 32 Monzo shares

Have you got authorisation to sell?

Hi @Ordog I do - exceptional circumstances very sadly.

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You have to buy all the shares, you can’t split

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@glenborama How did you get permission? The current climate has left me I need of selling my stake I have 1165 to sell at ~£13

that’s quite a chunk to sell £15k worth, AFAIK they need to be sold in one lot

Hey guys, I had a Monzo account for a while now, but this is the first time I joined the community so sorry if my question is stupid, but how can you buy and sell Monzo shares?

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The only way at the moment , unless there is another crowdfunding round is to buy them from a seller that bought in previous crowdfunding rounds through crowd cube , the seller can only sell shares in the block that they bought them, they also need a valid reason to sell them which must be agreed with the Monzo board prior to sale , if its been agreed by the Monzo board I think crowdfund deal with the paperwork for transfer ( you also need to be registered with crowd cube I believe )

the wiki for selling is here Monzo Shares for sale Wiki


awesome - thanks @iansilversides!

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With great difficulty and lots of caution because they’re illiquid and can only be sold in exceptional circumstances.


Did anyone record what the price per share was after each crowdfunding round to see how the stock has evolved over time?

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They did and it’s in the post that @iansilversides gave you :see_no_evil:

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oh :man_facepalming: didn’t check it yet as i saved it for later :sweat_smile: thanks though!

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I will give £10 each, banks market cap have lost huge money recently and Monzo would have also.

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I doubt people will want to sell their shares so cheaply, but it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

Good luck with that. :slight_smile: People only have the last valuation of the shares to go off, and any speculation (up or down) will be influenced by that person’s own role in the buying process.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not pushing £15/share atm.

Given that you can only sell in exceptional circumstances these people will likely need the money asap. Therefore holding out for the perfect buyer and the best possible price might not be an option for them.

So using this as leverage is likely another reason for the “low” offer.

what you’re saying makes sense … i just think people would resort to selling other assets before dealing with crowdcube shares and arguing exceptional circumstances. I’m assuming the whole process is a pain in the ass. But yeah, desperate times I guess :man_shrugging:

Still available? How can I contact you?

As above.