Any crowdfunding plans?

Do you mean unlike the other rounds where they broke crowdfunding records, websites and hearts of those that missed out? :laughing:

There’s nothing announced and Monzo reports that they are incredibly well capitalised, so I wouldn’t expect anything for the next 9 months or so.


In the last Q&A they said it’s a possibility in a couple of years :slight_smile:

Will be though crowdfunding or institutionals?

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Both I would imagine that’s how it tend to work.

Helpful. Thanks.

No official guidance from the management thought, right?

No. It’s not planned or announced.

Shares can be bought privately here:

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Got it, thanks.

Any update on crowdfunding plans?

The last update we had on this in July (2 months ago) was:

“A new crowdfunding round will be a possibility in the next few years”


What are the chances that crowdfund investors will be given access to participate?

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It says it is connected to the round 6 months ago in the FT

Could it be US crowdfundung (something like what Brewdog did) alongside VC topups?

The articles are very light on info so far. Let’s wait and see…

…or nudge @sohear to find proper info :grin:


Good question they normally always do keep some for us.

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Has there been any new information on the next Monzo fundraise since the below article from the end of last year?


No I don’t think there has been- guessing Monzo are a bit busy at the moment :sob:

Be a terrible time to even consider it, valuations will have dropped for everyone


This is what Tom wrote about his views on fundraising (on years ago, which can now only be found by searching the wayback machine):

"When you go out to raise investment, don’t over-optimise for valuation.

PG (Paul graham?-rarther) stood up one Tuesday evening at Y Combinator with a memorable lesson. YC companies are competitive about everything. In each new batch, founders are told not to compete over who can raise at the highest valuation. And every batch, some founders ignore this advice. Airbnb, we were told, raised their seed round of $600k on a valuation of something like $3.5m - certainly nothing like the uncapped convertible notes we sometimes see at the moment. And the Airbnb founders are just fine with how they’re doing.

You should spend a little time figuring out what price the market will offer. Choose the investors you think you could work with for next 5-10 years. Don’t spend time shopping the deal around to increase your valuation. Also, don’t pick crappy investors just because they offer a higher valuation."

Obv the company is bigger than Tom so his opinion isn’t everything, but I don’t think they are going to be waiting around on the sidelines for a VC bubble to return (they could be waiting 5-10 years for that).

In the past the round has taken around 3 or 4 months from first speculation to final confirmation, so the completion is not ‘late’ yet.

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