What to do with shares?

Hi all! I don’t post here often, so please be kind :grinning:

I bought 26 shares in Monzo during the last round of crowdfunding and admittedly didn’t read a whole lot into it, or understand what my options were.

What would my options be with these shares going forward? Am I right in thinking it’s not possible to sell them/cash them in.

Thank you!

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I’m gobsmacked that you spent £200 on shares that you didn’t really investigate too thoroughly. I wish I could throw that kind of money about!

Anyway, there is a market for shares to be bought/sold, however any share sale must be due to specific circumstances (think family emergency etc), as you must get approval from the Board to sell. If you fall into that category, there’s another topic on here (do a search!) and it’s a Wiki so you can simply add your details to it (how many, what you want for them etc) and see what happens. If you don’t fall into that category you probably won’t be able to sell them, sorry.


It might be worth learning from this and not making investments unless you fully understand the risks involved


Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: Wouldn’t have invested at all if I couldn’t spare the money so not worried about having cash tied up in shares, was just curious what the options would be looking into the future.

Is it likely that (eventually) Crowdcube will allow you to openly sell the shares etc?


It’s possible they could do that in the future but I don’t think they have that planned

Once Monzo are publicly traded (ie available to buy and sell shares on the stock market) you will be able to sell them easily. But there’s no date set for that yet so it could be years. If you hold onto them then the hope is the value will rise


Thanks for the helpful reply :slight_smile:


Have you invested anywhere else?

Nope, only Monzo :slight_smile:

If we’re lucky, they’ll eventually float on a stock exchange and you’ll be able to sell them on the open market. This could be 5+ years away though (my guess is 3-4 if there isn’t a global financial meltdown in-between.)

Another possibility is some company comes and gobbles them up, in which case you would likely get something unless the value had dropped a long way. I’d say this scenario is unlikely.

Or you could ask Monzo/Crowdcube for special permission to sell.

My advice, write off the money you paid, forget about them and one day you might just get a nice surprise!


Thanks for the reply Danny!

That was indeed the idea, put the money into Monzo then come back in a few years time and perhaps get a holiday out of the profit (if any!). If not, hey ho, no big loss


What do people feel the share price is now that the valuation has hit 2 billion?

(/people estimating)

If you mean what are people guessing the share price is… Monzo have confirmed it’s £13.0194 :+1:t2:


The “share price” currently is £13.0194

But then again that is what YC paid for - it could (and most likely is) already different to that now.

EDIT: dammit @danbeddows got there before me



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I got there first :smirk: (I’m jamesrval)


Thank you for all the helpful replies, interesting to see how things pan out in the future with my Monzo shares! If I understand correctly, my £200 investment is now worth (theoretically) £338


I’d give you £12 a share if you can get approval from Crowdcube to trade them to me.

Here is the place to find people selling shares:

Are you interested in selling I am interested in buying

Closing to avoid this turning into another buying and selling thread.

Use the WIKI