Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

For those who have sold how has the process gone? We’re you only able to sell under exceptional circumstances? And how did you handle the money transfer/proof of payment?

I hope to have news in approx 1 week in regards I will share whatever information that has been provided to me. Currently awaiting feedback from the Monzo board which I believe meets once per month to discuss.

I believe they provide a template letter to handle the transfer between the 2 parties.

I already shared the information I received from crowdcube and will update as I know.


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Agreed and include an FAQ because a lot of the same questions and misunderstandings are posted.

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I’m interested in buying Monzo shares. I missed the last round in Dec.
Please DM me if you have, looking at max 2k worth

My experience is that it takes well over a month to get a deal done

As a buyer, I approached a couple of posters on here who’d offered up their shares for sale. Had a private chat with the first for a couple of days, and we agreed a price. However, he then stopped communicating. My conclusion was that he’d found a buyer willing to offer a higher price.

On my attempt with the second seller, his sale had already been pre-approved. I PMd him. We agreed a price, and CrowdCube then performed some due diligence on me - not complicated since I was already a crowdfunding investor. CrowdCube also confirmed to me that the seller was genuine.

Since CrowdCube don’t get involved in the payment side of the sale, the seller and I decided to use an escrow service called Transpact. This takes away the risk of buying/selling something online from someone you don’t know. Essentially, for a fee of £3.99 each, the buyer and seller agree a formal contract on Transpact, using CrowdCube as the referee. Once the contract is agreed, the buyer pays the money to Transpact, who inform CrowdCube that the payment has been made. CrowdCube then transfer the share ownership to the buyer, and Transpact release the funds to the seller.

The whole process took less than a week (though the sale had been pre-approved) and much of this was the due diligence, and the time it took us to load an agreement onto Transpact. From my payment to receiving the shares, the process took around an hour.

Not as easy as transacting through a marketplace, but still pretty decent.


May we enquire about how much you paid per share?

My sale broke down because of concerns over the transaction itself and we could not find an escrow service. So this is great information for anyone looking to proceed with a sale/purchase :+1:t2:


I think the amount on its own wouldn’t tell you much, without the date (for example, if it was in June 2016, 60p per share would have seemed like a decent price!)

Suffice it to say that I offered a premium over the share price during the previous funding round, which gave the seller a decent return on his investment. I also feel the price I paid was worthwhile, given subsequent news


I also paid a 50% premium only months after a round. There’s a lot of “you paid £7.71, so what about £8?” or “I’ll give you what you paid as they are illiquid” stuff around here.

If you want a good chance of buying off market you need to make a really serious offer that makes someone want to sell to you. At the moment that’s probably about £15 as in every potential seller’s mind they will be thinking that the Y Combinator investment will value them at £13-14

Also worth noting that apart from second-hand crowdfunder sales, no one is able to buy Monzo shares. If Barclays or Google or SoftBank came around with a blank cheque, how much would they have to pay to get shares? The cheque (or check, perhaps) would get torn up as Monzo are cherry picking investors with huge US influence and long-term vision.


Thank you for sharing, apologies I did make the assumption that it was recent, which maybe I should not have

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I didn’t offer 50% - though that’s probably why my first attempt to buy shares failed.

The premium (or discount) you pay will depend on many factors, including:

  1. How much you think they’re worth, and how much you can afford

  2. Your appetite to get the transaction done quickly

  3. How quickly the seller needs to raise cash

  4. More than anything else, how much others are willing to pay, to compete for those shares

  5. How many other sellers there are offering their shares, and how many buyers are competing for them

  6. The number of shares on offer. For example, someone trying to sell a lot of 1,995 shares will undoubtedly attract less interest than someone selling 50 shares, so the price may vary accordingly

  7. Company developments, that could make you feel the shares’ value have risen or fallen

  8. Industry or wider news - e.g. the impact of Brexit, or introduction of new banking regulation

  9. Other factors I can’t think of right now


I’m a new investor looking into acquiring a small amount of shares into monzo, as I have been early adopter since the Mondo days, unfortunately wasn’t able to take part in the previous rounds, if anyone could help would be really appreciated. Please PM me.

If you scroll up a little you’ll find people offering their shares for sale. You can then message them with your offer :slight_smile:

Hey Guys

I have 259 shares for sale. Need guidance on how to sell.


If you scroll up and read the forum there is lots of advice but will summarise very briefly

  1. Ask Monzo if you can
  2. Find a buyer
  3. Ask Crowdcube if you can

How much are you looking to sell them for?

Maybe state how many shares or a rough amount of money you are looking to spend

Would anyone be willing to part way with 10 shares for £100?

Sensible offers in DM