Has anyone completed a sale of shares? if so, what reason did you use to get granted?

Anyone completed a sale? Would be good to hear the reason you used and the evidence needed.


I was just told today that my request has been declined. But of a bummer… I wanted to derisk, and could have used the money to clear some wedding / renovation debt.

I’m actually pretty frustrated about it all - I would like to know the reasons they decline requests. Is it a lot of work for them or something?

I think they’re just sticking to the rules under which the shares were sold, to be honest. Exceptional circumstances only.

I doubt the amount work on their side figures in the decision at all.


I’m glad I missed out on the share buying then, if you cannot sell them.

Thought that was the whole idea of investing.

However, if it was clearly laid out prior to purchase, which it seems it was, then . . . :man_shrugging:

You will be able to eventually but it was made crystal clear that it’s a long term investment and you should only put in what you can afford to never need again for the foreseeable future.

I even recall Monzo going above and beyond with this. When you went through the steps to buy some shares Monzo asked you some simple questions to help you understand what you’re getting into in the usual easy to understand Monzo way.


Yeah we can only blame ourselves for investing. It’s completely fair enough that they deny most requests, they made it clear at point of sale.


…is probably nearer the mark. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thought they would have :+1:


Some sales do get approved, though I am not sure of exact criteria they will approve sale in case of genuine hardship rather than just “it would be good to have the money”.

Also, if anyone does get approval please ping me. I am keen to buy more

Hi Rhys. Just a thought but they might be trying to protect you. Last valuation was when they were around 2 million customers and they’re now approaching 4 million. If there is a revaluation event in the next few months you may end up cursing the situation. Truth is they aren’t a public company so they can’t give you that sort of information.

Yup, kept screen shots so maybe this covers it?


I wonder the legality of making a binding document saying you’ll hand over those shares to a certain person once they become public, you may find a friend or family member that would buy and be okay with that arrangement

It’s within the terms that they can be transferred to certain family members now if he wants :slight_smile:

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Look pretty restricted in terms of people especially if you want to sell them.

Depending on the amount it may be worth opening a company , transfering and then selling the company.

I was trying to work out a long winded way of transferring through family members.

The right mix of spouses, children and grandchildren could see it go through many family names. Ultimately ending up at the one you want to sell to :laughing:


“I have Monzo shares for sale, contact me if interested.”
“I’m interested, what do you want for them?”
“Lots of money. Oh, and also you have to marry my daughter first.”


Guys, it is a start up.
And we were all aware of the facts before putting money in it.
And like any first round ans second round investor, I too would like to cash out part of it.
But a contract is a contract even if is it a frustrating situation to see the value going up :slight_smile:
The funny thing is that I don’t want to be in any of the situations they’ve listed :slight_smile:So I guess the best option is to wait for the day they float or the one Big bank tries it’s luck again to buy us out :slight_smile:


LMAO that’s genius…

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