Selling Shares

I would be interested in seeing what the appetite for buyers is, I have two blocks 1949+434

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Let me know if you’re still selling, offering £3 per share

Offering £3 per share, message me

I would be surprised if any one sold at £3.00 just before a crowdfund round that would value Monzo at £1 billion

The last raise was at £2.35 valuing Monzo at 380 million

I think the price will probably be between £5-£7

I would happily sell to you at a discount once the new valuation has been announced

I have 287 available and have already contacted Crowdcube - anyone interested please pm ASAP so I can contact you upon revaluation…

Are you still selling?

I am selling 287 shares but waiting for Monzo to announce their new valuation as soon as they announce this I will set a discounted price would you like to be added to the list of interested buyers ?

Let me know via a private message


Hey I’m interested but cannot PM you as I’ve only recently joined the community forums

Hi, I’m interested to buy your shares.

Hi guys - I’m new. It won’t let me edit the wiki Crowdcube shares page. Is that because I need a few posts before I can edit stuff or?

Yep it’s because you’re new. Do the below and you’ll get Trust Level 1 which means you can edit the wiki

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Thanks a lot, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Ill go for 80 if they still available?

It doesn’t work that way I’m afraid. They’ve got to be sold in whole lots.

How much we talking?

To buy 80, you would need to find someone who bought precisely 80 shares. You cannot cut out x number shares from a larger group. The person you asked above has/had 259 shares so you would need to buy all 259 shares from them.

Equally, this isn’t the thread to discus share purchases. You need to contact people directly who have posted their details on the selling wiki.

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Im looking to buy more Monzo shares at face value, anywhere up to 50 shares. I understand that you have to buy someone’s entire stake rather than just a portion of it, so I am looking to purchase anyone’s stake of 50 shares or under. Please message me.

You need to read the post directly above yours :point_up:

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I’d add that there is no such thing as “face value” so you might want to be clearer on what you’re willing to pay to avoid potentially wasting people’s time!


Apologies for any confusion, I am looking to buy them at around the valuation that Monzo gives its shares (currently £13.0194).


Please keep it to the wiki