Looking to sell shares

As it’s been buried somewhat in the thread, I thought I would re-link to this post clarifying under which conditions a transfer of shares is possible.

As far as I am aware all of this information continues to be accurate:

– You can only transfer your shares to a spouse, civil partner, child, grandchild; the trustees of your family trust; or a company in which you or your trustees hold all of the shares
– If this is not the case, as @Ordog suggests above, you have to seek approval from Monzo’s board via Crowdcube to sell your shares due to “exceptional circumstances.”

You can’t split your holdings, and can only make transfers of your entire share ownership from a given round. i.e., if you’ve invested in multiple rounds of crowdfunding, each round counts as a block, and those shares can only be sold as a block.

Please keep these in mind as you discuss! Thanks.

Edited: to reflect @anon95680666’ note about selling in blocks.