Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

:grimacing: missing it here too

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Got you Guillermo :+1:

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Legend :raised_hands:

Hello there Alan, not an urgent matter but I am also missing the Investor flair. If you get a moment, can you please have a look? Thanks!

Hi. I am also missing my Crowdfunding Investor badge. Also, do you have any idea what this recent notice from Companies House relates to?


Just checking if I’ve got the relevant rocket etc.

@Kissington All sorted :+1:


HIya, would a mod be able to assign me the Crowdfunding Investor flair please?

Sorry if i come across rude, but how much staff time have monzo investors wasted getting flairs manually added for 4 years??

These people haven’t even joined the community or posted anything for years after investing, then they turn up out of the blue to waste staff time and frustrate the coral crew by asking the same question without reading the guide, then they immediately disappear back under their rock.

@AlanDoe why not just say no more flairs and lock the thread? Investors will understand it is not their right but a waste of your time.

Actually; pretty sure it is their right. As it was a perk provided under the terms of the crowdfunding round I believe.


Seeing as you ask, yes, you do come across as rude. It is precisely that sort of attitude that made me withdraw from forum interaction some time ago. Your contention that certain of your fellow investors/members ‘live under a rock’ is frankly offensive. You should not judge everyone by your own personal circumstances.

Thanks for that. 2nd part of my post, re the Companies House issue?

Also, is there still an informal process or market for the sale of Monzo ‘shares’ or rights? Do the shares have any value, as such?

There isn’t really a market because it’s very difficult to sell. You need to request permission from Monzo which is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

There’s plenty of information on here if you have a quick search.

That being said. If you’re planning on selling your shares why do you want investors flair if you’ll no longer be one?

Just testing!

Edit: Would appear I’m missing the flair. (@AlanDoe @cookywook @tristan) Thank you!!

Every time I venture on to these boards, the ‘old hands’ seem to think it is de rigeur to shoot other posters down in flames. If I ask a civil question, all I require is a civil response, and not a snide lecture.

The sub text of your response seems to be that I am too lazy and/or stupid to find the information out for myself. That is far from the truth. Actually, these boards are a nightmare to navigate or find anything out from, especially for the passing user. Plus, of course, the occasional user lives in fear of being kicked in the gonads by the frequent users for daring to bother the clique.

I asked a genuine question, hoping to be pointed in the right direction by someone with more knowledge of the boards than me, rather than be accused of wanting someone to do the job for me. You presume that I want to sell my shares - actually I just wanted to investigate the possibility, and confirm what the current situation is, if it is feasible, and if there is any prospect of Monzo going to market and being publicly quoted. Are you an investor? And why have you invested? As I am sure you know, it pays not to assume…

As for the flair, why not, and what is it to you? Why a metal card? Anyway, shouldn’t it be ‘flare’ rather than ‘flair’? Looks like a rocket to me. I note that you have one yourself.

I think you’re reading into it all far too much. Therefore it is now you that is making the place hostile by reacting in this way :confused:

Below is one of the topics I was referring to. The only reason I didn’t post it is because there are a few topics that discuss various aspects and it’s important that you form your own conclusions by reading up on everything, ensuring that you fully understand the process before deciding to sell.

No it’s called flair and it’s nothing to do with what is depicted in the circle. You’ll notice some have an ‘M’ and some have various coloured circles with numbers inside. There’s a topic about these too. I dare say search for it if you’re interested but I fear being attacked for trying to be helpful again.


OK. Life’s too short for further discussion. Thanks for being so helpful.

The shares have whatever value someone would pay for them, as they don’t have a set “value” as a publicly traded stock would have. However, it’s essentially not possible to sell them. I very recently inquired to Crowdcube about this, and the response was as follows.

You are able to transfer the beneficial ownership of your shares under the Monzo Bank Limited articles of association, Crowdcube investors may transfer their beneficial interest to a ‘Permitted Transferee’.
‘Permitted Transferee’ is defined in the Monzo’s Articles as:

(i) a spouse, civil partner, child or grandchild (including a step or adopted or illegitimate child and their issue);
(ii) the trustees of a transferor’s family trust; or
(iii) a company in which the transferor (or their trustees) hold all of the shares.

Outside of transfers to a Permitted Transferee, the board may consent to transfers in exceptional circumstances only (for example if required under a contract of employment).

The Monzo board have scheduled their next review of transfer requests for the end of November 2020 and so if you’d like to discuss the possibility of a transfer in beneficial ownership, please reply with the details of your proposed transferee and the rationale for your request.

Please note that Crowdcube is unable to deal with payments for transfers. Any payment arrangement would be between the transferor and transferee and not something that we can help to facilitate.

So tl;dr you can only transfer to someone not a preferred transferee in an “exceptional circumstance” and this requires application to, and approval by, the Monzo board.

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Thank you. Interesting.

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