The Future of Monzo 🌁

Will be interesting to watch the video and see if anymore info was given

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£13.30 and give or take some pennies is what he said…

Guess we’ll see when the videos are up. Considering user growth since the last valuation is 65% I’d not be surprised if the valuation had increased

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The share price is still £13.0194. There have been no additional raises since the last, so no change in price.


Actually, if you watch companies house filings for “statements of capital following an allotment of shares” the price has often changed between rounds. They haven’t published any for a while.

And check the date of the statement, not the filing

That’s not the price of shares.


It tracks almost perfectly going back several years.

If you say it doesn’t, what does it represent?

It’s a nominal value. Each share has a nominal value of £0.0000001 and the value you’re quoting is the number of shares multiplied by that nominal value, for a total aggregate nominal value.

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How is the amount of shares going down several months later?

Admittedly I don’t understand how this works. Did Monzo buy back shares?

Based on valuation this should be a higher number, there are c.140m shares, not 129m?

Swap them, the top one was May, the bottom one was July.

This number tracks so close to previous rounds, and doesn’t match share floats of those rounds, so I’m not sure this is correct, but IDK

Well we can watch the video when it comes out and see what is said

When are they being released?

They’re online now;


Tom: “£13.30 or something. IPO 4-5 years or so.”

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If I want to buy some share from the market, do you know who is selling and from where?



Yes, here you will find the list:

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