Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

How much are you looking to sell them for?

Maybe state how many shares or a rough amount of money you are looking to spend

Would anyone be willing to part way with 10 shares for £100?

Sensible offers in DM

This thread is so incredibly circular that it hurts my brain.

Perhaps it could be split into to two - one for general discussion of how private shares find value, the process etc. (for which a concise summary could be written at the top using numerous inputs from this thread).

And the second purely for sellers to post the number of shares they have and a price range - i.e. “I won’t sell for less than £X and I am aiming to get close to £Y”. Anything other than a seller post on the second thread can be moved to the more general thread.

The second thread would help sellers easily see other’s asking prices for relative comparison to come up with their own asking price. It would help buyers find sellers easily.


Can someone turn the below post into a wiki please :+1:t2: Hopefully this keeps things clean :blush:


Gonna consult the hive mind.

Will get back to you :+1:

Sure. Though I am only consolidating the main information from this thread into something easier and cleaner to understand :slightly_smiling_face:

My concern is updating what’s been sold and what’s still available. If it’s old information it won’t be any use

I have wikified it tho :grin:

But again that exists in the above thread already. Happy to let you guys decide :+1:t2:

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If someone is interested in buying, EquityZen, the biggest US platform for buying shares in private companies, is planning a sale of Monzo shares in the next days. You need at least 10 or 20K $ to invest. It will be interesting to see the valuation that they will use for the sale :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


CEO Tim Johnson? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Data are sourced from Crunchbase. No idea why they are not updated.


As far as I can tell there’s is no way they can offer that so it’s a scam

Flagged it as spam for time being


I’m not associated with them in any way. I have been following them because they announced sales of Monzo and Revolut shares a few weeks ago. That’s all.

@Rat_au_van, They usually acquire shares from former employees or early investors, so someone from Monzo must have authorized the transaction.

If so this could be very interesting.

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They still need to apply to sell them in the usual way, get permission and then name the buyer

Do they still need to do this if the shares are not held by Crowdcube though?

I don’t think so. Their fund buys the shares and enters in the cap table. They need authorization for this. Then people buy a piece of the fund. It’s similar to a nominee structure.