Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

We* tenor @cookywook


Could you add the crowdfunding label to my profile please?

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Have you pm’d him?

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I didn’t, but have now. Thanks!



I would like to be an Investor anyone now anyone that is selling shares :blush:

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Read the wiki…

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I’m still waiting to get the Crowdfunding label added to my profile. Two DMs sent and posts on here… anything else I can do?

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There isn’t I’m afraid.

I saw a post recently from @cookywook that he is extremely busy at the moment “being pulled in all directions”, so I think adding flair will be way down on his priority list.

I’m sure he will get to it at some point but don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything - it’s just a badge :slight_smile:


Hmm how come i dont have any badges or sth like that i was investor since first round :confused::confused:

Because you joined after they were assigned and haven’t asked yet?

Will there be a new rounds for people to invest in this year


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Thank you​:+1::+1:

Yea yea i see


I didn’t get the icon and investor label.


If you’ve read any of this thread then you’ll know how to sort that!

Thanks, big help

Good. The most recent repetition was only six posts above yours so you must have seen it on the way past. I don’t believe anyone joins a discussion without reading at least the most recent bits.


To be fair your first post wasn’t really constructive either.

If you’re seeking some help, perhaps you could form a polite question and you’ll probably get a better reception :slight_smile: