Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Shak Welch (COps, Financial Crime Specialist)

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What’s up folks? Hope you’re all doing well. The usual amount of time has passed between the last Q&A and this thread. It’s pretty regular. We don’t like to leave you hanging. Life at Monzo moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

That’s why we keep you in the loop, and give YOU the opportunity to ask us questions!


I have returned from Cardiff and what an adventure it was. This Thursday I will be travelling to Manchester for a Monzo Meetup! Fancy joining us? Here’s the link!

We’re still racing towards a million customers. Not long now… not long.


In this week’s Q&A we’re gonna talk about… crime. Fasten yo’ seatbelts.



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Done? Then let’s get down to business.

This week’s guest in the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️ is none other than Shak Welch, a Financial Crime Specialist in our Customer Operations (COps) team!


Shak has been here since September 2017 and works on:

Preventing financial crime loss and and having amazing conversations with users!

Fun Fact About Shak!

She got to the penultimate round of the application to be on Junior Apprentice, and she’s obsessed with the colour red to the point where she always carries something red on her at all times :grinning:

Her favorite thing about working at Monzo is :

No 2 days are the same AND I LOVE IT!

Alright folks, get your questions in and Shak will be here later this week to answer them!


This week’s Q&A has landed - get your questions in for Shak! :grinning:

Hey Shak :wave:

  1. Where did your journey into the murky depths of FinCrime and banking start?

got to the penultimate round of the application to be on Junior Apprentice

How did I not know this?! What was your pitch? :slight_smile:

  1. Do you like McDonalds?

Hi Shak!

What is the most common type of financial crime Monzo investigate?

What is the best result you’ve had so far?


Hi Shak,

Are the methods used by fraudsters fairly predictable or are they constantly changing?

How much are best practice and potential risks shared between banks?



What is your most bizarre customer request?


Shak, my gal!

(Cos’ I know ya) What’s your favourite anime? :tv:


What’s been the most bizarre excuse/story you’ve seen from a fraudster?


How common is the ’ report card lost/stolen just before a flight and buy things with the offline terminal ’ trick?

And what’s the usual outcome.


Has anyone ever reported that they have had their card stolen and the only things bought was a pineapple and a pizza?


If I was looking to start a career as a financial criminal, where would be a good place to start?


What’s the most far fetched financial crime you’ve come across?


ICYMI the money laundering operation required to turn the P≤16% events of

  • the Leave campaign,
  • Trump’s election, and
  • the continued influence of the ERG

into the certainties they are today takes pretty far fetched financial crime. :thinking:

Although it’s unlikely @shak will have come across these with Monzo (and other fintech) being much hotter on AML than, say, HSBC or Deutsche Bank. :man_shrugging:

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Is it “murky depths” of financial crime, or is it “same old, same old”? How much of what you find is novel?


I’m so confused - have the questions been answered yet? :see_no_evil:


No they haven’t

Edit: I’m not bothered but don’t understand person above saying they enjoyed it :joy::joy:

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Good morning :female_detective:

Thank you all for asking some really great questions :pray: I will be answering all questions at 14:00 today :smile:

See you soon,

Shak :wave:


Do you deal with internal financial crime :eyes: ? be interested to hear if Monzo have encountered this yet


Good luck Shak!

What’s the funniest excuse a fraudster has given? :slight_smile:

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Who watches the watchers :thinking:

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