Poll: If you could only vote for one feature, what would it be?

Below I’ve listed the current top 20 ideas from the Feedback & Ideas category which have not yet been marked as Done. This is top 20 according to number of votes.

Since there is no limit on the numbers of ideas we can vote for, I’m interested what would come out top if we were limited to just one vote. If you could only vote for one, which of the top 20 ideas would you vote for?


I’m pretty sure they’re trialling Display CVV in app right now :+1:


They are indeed, I’ve had it a fair few weeks now

Interesting results here so far and quite a big swing from when I last looked at the votes.

This sort of thread is probably more useful in the long run. I’m sure I’ve voted for at least half of those that I’d like and probably others that I don’t actually care about, but vote for to try and help people that do.

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Also a big difference when you compare these to the topics that get bumped / discussed the most.

I am finding it difficult to vote for any of them atm tbh as I don’t really use my Monzo account for anything other than pension in, DDs and SOs out, so none of the list will really make a difference to me, at this time.

Obviously, things can change, or perhaps I have just become apathetic to app development currently.

Going to have a think and perhaps come back to this poll.

Edit Scheduled Pot Transfers is also already possible in my android app. Is iOs still behind on this?


Yep you can! :smile:

1 out of 5 of those top 20 feature requests relate to Joint Accounts.



But I cannot.


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You sure? I can schedule withdrawals from pots on iOS?

Can you edit them after they have been scheduled?

(I initially missed out a word from the quote - should have included “edit” at the start. Now corrected)

Just realised I left out Offer Credit Card :man_facepalming:

Not keen on editing the existing poll as it would remove everyone’s answers. Instead, here’s another poll:

Would you have voted for Offer Credit Card as your ‘one feature’ if it had been included in the poll in the opening post?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think Flex is a great product with a direct cost of how much everything you Flex is going to cost you. Fits the whole making money work for everyone, in form of transparency.

With a credit card you can forever pay a purchase off without knowing where you’re at if you’re not keeping track of it all.

Some credit cards have started doing similar, I think HSBC and Virgin Money are on the BNPL train.

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I voted iPad app - this for me is super useful (I’m on the iPad as we speak!) and it’s how I do all my banking these days.

Even the ability to login to two devices at once would be great.


iPad app would be very nice if possible but as someone who regularly deals with cheques still it’s be a major timesaver to be able to scan them in.

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I went with Pot to Pot Transfers, but would’ve gone with Direct Debits Straight From Pots (none of this transferring money back into the main account first malarkey) had it have been an option.


Can’t you already do direct debits straight from pots?


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I still don’t understand the issue (it’s not a feature I use so don’t know how it works beyond what’s written in the help article)