Add photo to payee

I’d like to be able to add photos, or link to the contact photo so I can easily identify my payees in the list.

This is something we desperately need


That would definitely be incredibly useful! Many people (including myself) would benefit from that.


This feature would be useful to a lot of people including myself.


Can I attach an image or sync an image from my phone contact record for a payment contact? I have family members who I pay and it would be good to attach an image rather then have a letter denoting their name.

I have seen I can add an image when the contact is created but once they are created I don’t see how to add one.

Hope you don’t mind but I moved your posts over to the existing topic on this subject

This would be cool.

I was just thinking about it today when I set up a standing order to a charity (the other option was PayPal but standing order was easier as I could choose the payment date), and it doesn’t look right without the logo you would see had I been able to set it up as a direct debit/CPA instead. So if I could add a little photo of the charity’s logo that would do the trick :blush:

Yes would love the use of a photo for payees.

It’s really useful idea! And if it can acquired photo from contact profile that will be perfect (link the payee to local contact). Cause sometime I really not sure who am I transferring, they all using the same word as icon. :laughing:

I would also really like this feature. Would make it much easier to recognise payees at a glance.


this is a really good idea!

I’d love to see this too. As a recent convert from Starling it’s definitely a feature I miss.

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Hi Kyle


I also would love this feature, Starling has it and I find it useful.

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Would like this feature.

What’s even more ridiculous is its impossible to see which bank each payee is so if you have say ten accounts for one person you have to change the payee name for each.

And of course they don’t let you rename accounts so you have to copy the details, delete, then reinput again.

This topic is for adding photos not editing payee names.

For better payee management (including what you’re asking for) you can vote for it here:



I’ve got business account with starling and you’re able to add photos to payee contacts… tbh I thought it would be easy to do in Monzo… edit then add a picture… is this not the case?