The Monzo Community's 2018 Christmas Wish List!

There’s been loads of great ideas on here about how to make Monzo even better. :tada:

After some requests in the Little List for a consolidated list, I’ve pulled out common requests from across the forum so we’ve got it in one place - and so we can vote on it to get an idea about what’s most popular! (I’m bound to have missed some so I’m really sorry in advance if your favourite isn’t included - reply with what it is!) It excludes things we know are coming (like different Summary time periods or PIN to unlock the app).

This isn’t Monzo-endorsed so there’s no guarantees that anyone will be looking at this or that the most popular things will get implemented! And these are largely feature requests, so Monzo may very well have much better solutions for the problems behind some of these up their sleeves!

That said, here’s the poll - vote away! (And as a Christmas poll it’ll close automatically at the end of December, so get voting now!)



My “Something Else” is the ability to add a note when you bill split (or use what is already in the notes field for the transaction). This would allow people to make it clearer what the bill split is for. Sometimes “sainsburys” and a random amount may not mean anything to someone, but “stuff for bolognese” would.


My ‘something else’ is a summary amount for scheduled payments above scheduled payments so I can see at a glance how much I ‘owe’ in advance during the month. So if I have 2 payments of £50, it would show £100 total scheduled payments above etc.

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Something else - better payee management…


The poll highlights notes for recurring payments.

I would suggest notes should be available for any type of transaction. For example, at the moment you can’t add notes to incoming or outgoing bank transfers.


Its on its way valeri… on mobile so cant give you the exact thread.

But check the making monzo section of the forum and youll see a wip mockups :eyes:


You’re on iOS, right? Works perfectly on Android! :hot_coral_heart:

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Something else - two, in fact:

Withdraw from a personal pot directly into the joint account


Help users to distinguish between discretionary and mandatory items


Yes - iOS.

Good to know; hopefully that functionality will make its way to iOS soon.

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@Ceri Isn’t that already there? Summary > Committed Spending

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Christmas time just reminds me how much I want a new categories solution (sub categories, or a much better tag system, as I know the team has reasons for not allowing custom categories in general, though I won’t be using compare to others features if/when they’re added). I buy gifts and they’re all under family as that’s the closest suitable category, even though many of them are friends and one is for work. Also charity is all under general and it drives me crazy to even have to use a “general” category, it’s basically like saying every time “these categories we’ve been given don’t meet my use case”. And all year round I try to use tags to subcategorise entertainment and shopping, but then forget my tags :(, with no auto-fill or list of tags, or way to budget with them they’re pretty un-user friendly and not very useful at all.

My something else is a way to make certain committed spends count towards the budget (rather than having to reduce my budget by the amount of the committed spend) - for e.g. entertainment.

I don’t know how it would work logistically within the app/ui, that’s one for someone more imaginative to think about :stuck_out_tongue:


A committed spend pot is my something else.


Argh, forgot that one! But that’ll be under the category of :soon: anyway :smiley:

IFTTT IF functions and triggers so that you can setup automatic Pot transfers between Pots and accounts because especially if you can put it on the Savings account… As if the withdrawal is going to go over the limit and your account will be closed.
Values :moneybag:
Bank Legacy = Nominated Legacy Bank Account
Bank transfer = X from Bank Legacy AND Legacy_email
Reminder = Put reminder in calendar based off Paydate
Email = email self
" I need to transfer myself from my other account to cover this spending"
Legacy_Email =
"this an automated email to remind you that X amount has been removed from Bank Legacy category savings, Please report the transaction if this was not you.
Savings = Savings - X
Transfer = Main account - X
Move = POT - X
X = customer defined value
y = 1000 (or any user defined value
Account Threshold = y

Functions :computer:
IF ( initial account value - X) = < Account Threshold
Trigger Move
else Trigger Savings
Trigger Email

Other Scenario
Trigger Bank Transfer And Legacy_Email

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I’m sure there were lots of requests for paying Bills direct from a Pot?

Edit… I should learn to read the above posts haha

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47 people’s votes later, and it’s all about the Pots:

  1. Custom images for Pots
  2. New Pots lay out
  3. Transfer directly between Pots

And bringing up the rear:

  • international standing orders (1 vote)
  • Garmin pay (1 vote)
  • Samsung Pay (nil points)

This also means that Fitbit Pay is (unexpectedly) leading the battle of the Pays! (Not that we can expect any of these any time soon :wink:)

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47 is hardly representative for the 1.2mil customers :smiley:

Hey, I’m making no claims here, just a bit of (early) Xmas fun!

(Edit: 51 now, so obvs totally statistically valid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Some of this stuff is very close indeed :slight_smile:


But what’s really close? Any cryptic clues as it’s the season of good will :stuck_out_tongue: