Improved payee management

Just because I can’t see it here to vote on…

We’d love to be able to:

:hot_coral_heart: merge existing payees to create a single contact
:hot_coral_heart: create a new payee without making a payment
:hot_coral_heart: add pictures to contacts
:hot_coral_heart: edit the details of an existing contact

Not sure whether you meant this to be encompassed in your first bullet but merging should also allow merge of Monzo contact card and other bank accounts.


Yes this is a must :tada:

Would also like to see incoming/outgoing to the same contact be matched together.

At the minute if i get a transfer from my legacy bank its NATHAN * THOMSON with my middle initial which annoys me more than it should :joy::joy:


Also to be able to delete a Monzo payee :blush:


Yes!!! I’ve been asking for some improvements for payees for ages but nothings been done :frowning:


All of this. Been requesting improvements since the big list. It’s taken ages. I’d also like to see the app distinguish between a company payee and a person payee e.g. Sainsbury’s Bank would have the logo rather than SB in a colourful circle.

Also like the feed to show new contacts properly, with photo and Name Surname, rather than NS and SURNAME NAME



This should definitely be added to your list @Peter_G.


This absolutely needs to improve. I just posted a thread about this as I didn’t find this in my search.


This is now working in the latest :android: beta. It’s pretty great except you can only merge the Monzo contact if you’ve previously sent them money.

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Worked fine for me. A couple of thiings I would like to see to improve further:

  • Be able to change the name for each account
  • Change icon / picture for payee

Loving the new merge feature…but it’s too easy to accidentally tap delete. Merge gets a confirmation prompt…but delete doesn’t? Needs some UI improvement!


A confirmation prompt when deleting Payees is a good idea.


Merging payees is neat, albeit a fringe issue for most. I really don’t understand why the absolute basics haven’t been introduced ahead of it, though.

Surely editing payee information has been on the table as an oft-requested feature long before anyone even conceived of merging.

Edit: Just searched on payee management and couldn’t believe just how many different attempts there have been to seek progress in basic payee management. :confused:


It’s disappointing because they’ve only just worked on the payee screen and all they did was move stuff around rather than add what many see as basic functionality :frowning:

I’m conscious that I’m starting to sound like I’m whining but it feels like things never get past the MVP stage that Monzo seem to proud of. Nothing in the app is polished :frowning:


Like you, @Kumnaa, I’m no grizzler, but with so much promise early on around tidying up that side of the app, it really does start to feel we’re not being heard.

I really rate being an out-and-out Monzo account holder. I kinda need someone in the team, though, to comment on where that early promise now sits in the roadmap - if at all…


This was discussed a bit with Bruno over here:

My take was that Bruno’s new squad will be going through the app on a polishing and usability mission - but that they need to fix the home screen first.

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Ok. Does Bruno ever swing by the forum? Be good to get an update on priorities.

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He does from time to time. Maybe try to invoke him on a weekday? :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely delete automatically added monzo contacts and merge payment contact with android contact (appears strange to be able to add a payee as android contact bot not to use an existing one).

I think we also need to remember the difference between ‘being heard’ and ‘people doing what we want’.

The first can happen without the second being the result. And that’s OK.

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