Include bank transfers in budget categories

I know this has been brought up a lot of times but are Monzo considering including bank transfers in budget categories.

Today i received compensation for a flight delay, as the money was sent through a bank transfer although I changed it to the holiday category it does not appear within my budget ie this payment should reduce my monthly allowance

Surely this can not be hard to rectify, surely it must be better just to include all payments/transfers in the budget then people have the option to exclude them from the budget if they wish

Why is it bank transfers are not included?

Monzo always want to know what we the customer would like to see and this is brought up all the time

Fixing this bug/issue will save Monzo money as I always ask people to any payment owed so it is included in budget but this cost Monzo per payment, as an investor I dont want to cost Monzo a penny more that what is required but until this is fixed its the only way to budget properly


Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.


I bought train tickets for my girlfriend and me -£30 each. £60 came off my monthly budget as expected. She then transferred the money for her ticket to me but as far as I can tell there’s no way for me to add that transaction back into the budget, and so my budget is now £30 out. It’s saying I’ve spent £60 rather than £30.

I thought about increasing the total budget by £30 to offset the ‘missing’ £30 - but that doesn’t work as I use the setting to adjust the budget amount/timescales to change with variations to my payday. Changing the total budget to offset the ‘missing’ cash would also provide an inaccurate picture of how much I’m spending.

Also, you can change the category of an incoming payment, but that doesn’t appear to adjust any stats anywhere.


To solve this problem, it’d be great to have a switch on incoming payments to say “add to available budget” or something.

If that’s switched on for a payment, you could also then change the category, so it comes off the monthly spent stats for that category.

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If the payment is a Monzo to Monzo p2p payment it does offset the difference but if it’s from another bank it doesn’t.

This has been a bit of a frustration of mine since I still have a large number of friends who don’t use monzo.


I will use an example to explain. Say I go to a restaurant and pay the whole bill for two people- £40. Then, I split this bill on monzo with a friend so it’s £20 each. Howeber, my budget summary still thinks I have spent £40 thus meaning I am said to be going ‘over budget’. I’d love for it to update and show that I only spend the said £20. The only was around this currently is to exclude the whole bill from your summary.


I thought this already happened. Really surprising that it only works for Monzo-to-Monzo payments. Seems like an essential feature to make budgets work.


Agreed. It’s a little annoying having to increase your budget to balance out incoming funds.


I’ve brought this up in the past, my solution was to get the person to pay you via your link, that will add to your budget, bank transfers do not, moved post to here

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That’s useful to know, but it’s not ideal to have to require a third party to change their preferred payment process just to suit my budgeting habits. If somebody paying me wants to simply do a transfer from their online banking system, which they know and trust, they should be able to.

Also, my thread had 19 votes, which have now been lost since it was moved into this thread. Is there any way to get those votes back?

Agreed, this really lowers the impact of the budgeting tools! It’s odd that you can categorise an incoming payment but that doesn’t feed through into the budget for that category. Very frustrating.


Glad I found this thread - for a long time has been my biggest bugbear.

I paid accommodation for an upcoming holiday today that was split 4 ways at £180ish each - over the £100 maximum for

Can’t expect three people to make me two payments, which would also bring me close to the monthly limit just to workaround budgeting.

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Still would really like this. I only have a few friends on Monzo (however much I bang on about how great they are :laughing:) and we very often do the “I’ll pay and you send the money” thing. A toggle in the payment itself to “include in budget” would make perfect sense to me.

I voted for this but thought I would add text too. Adding functionality so that all income methods have the ability to be added to a category is vital for all the reasons people have listed. This month alone. I have returned something to shop and they refunded direct onto card; had a friend pay me back for part a large grocery bill; and paid in cash that I had drawn out for attending a festival but didn’t spend. None of these went back into the catagories I allocated them to. This makes the whole budgeting process very unsatisfactory. I like the suggestion above that you have a button that says ‘add to catagory’ Just like there is one where you can hide an expense from the budget.

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This is an issue for me too, I can’t understand how you can take money out of a budget but when you get money back in any form (i.e. payment or refund) you can’t allocate it back to that budget category to offset the payment.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me and makes the budget tool unusable and incorrect.


I just have to post on this again. Another example. Just paid for holiday flights and car hire from current account category holidays. I have been saving for this in a pot. I transfer the money from that pot but I can’t allocate it to the holiday category. I also just bought flights to care for my father in Spain. He paid me back by bank transfer but again tho I can allocate it to a catagory it doesn’t effect the budget. Just as any payment out of account can be categorised, for budgeting any income must be too and affect the total in that catagory. Please Monzo can you comment on this thread as to whether you are even looking at addressing this??