Joint account overdrafts

Hi team,

Been chatting with the co-ops (who are friendly and lovely as always). But I felt this one needed a wider airing.

Joint accounts won’t have either overdrafts or CASS available from launch.

Personally I think this is a major, major miss. In convincing my other half to go #fullmonzo, I’ve been saying that the joint accounts will have the same facilities as our current (boring) Lloyds account. While we hardly ever use the overdraft, not having the safety net there is a bit annoying.

But CASS is a bigger miss. Lots of partners of people with an interest in fintech are going to now come on board - and their first experience? A messy divorce from their old bank! I think the smooth route needs sorting asap. Surely you don’t want all those “other halves” out these to first have a bad time manually switching DDs and wages etc?

Just a thought. Peace and love, peace and love!


That’s disappointing. It means switching will be a major hassle. If that’s the case we’ll probably keep our HSBC joint account until CASS is available.


I’m sure it will be sorted asap.

Monzo always choses to release a product or feature as soon as something is available, rather than wait for everything to be added. Joint accounts is just another example.

Someone from Monzo (on the @MakingMonzo twitter handle) has already successfully used CASS on joint accounts - so I’m sure it wont be far off when joint accounts launch.

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I think thing what we need to remember is that Joint Accounts are in test phase. Monzo have only released these to very limited number of people so it’s bit premature to judge. On full release Monzo might have few more things available.


That’s not what co-ops say. I’ve directly asked, and they said no overdrafts, no CASS at launch. So this isn’t a testing thing, this is how they intend to launch.

Again it comes back to the MVP principle and iterating from there.

I personally would much rather have joint accounts available sooner, with features like CASS and Overdrafts added when they’re ready, as opposed to holding the whole thing off longer until the package is complete…

They’re nice to haves, and if you’d rather wait for the full package, there’s no need to use them yet


I think it comes down to expectations.

“Most” people on here, seem to like the fact Monzo release a product as soon as possible, and then update it with more features as they go - If you join an online banking community, you’ve got to have a certain interest in trying the new stuff!

If I was in your situation, I just wouldn’t tell my partner - It’s not like they care (unless they do, but if they do, they’ll understand).

I would just wait until CASS is supported, and then tell them how magical it all is :slight_smile:

hmmmm thats not what “making monzo” is indicating - who knows ???

I wonder if either the OP or the CS got the term “at launch” confused.

As far as I was aware, there wasn’t a date mentioned at all for launching this - Perhaps CS meant they weren’t available for the initial testers (which is true).

Either way, it’ll clearly happen soon.


yes from the fourth post down on the link

" Current Account Switching Service :tada: is coming to joint accounts too and this screenshot shows our first real life test. It seems to be working so far :crossed_fingers: "

all depends on what question was asked as you say :slight_smile:

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Exactly reply:
“Thanks for your patience here! I’ve heard back from the relevant team and at the moment we don’t have a timeframe for joint account switches.
I imagine when joint accounts are fully up and running this will be something we’ll look to implement.
I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!”

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I asked if they would be available “from launch” (I just checked precisely what I asked).

Another reply:

“You wouldn’t be able to use CASS for the joint accounts when they launch I’m sorry! You can switch your Direct Debits over manually though!”

Hopefully that solves any ambiguity on what I asked :slight_smile:


I’ve found that there can sometimes be a slight difference in what the CS team know/say, and what actually happens.

I could be completely wrong (it happens a lot), but I’d hazard a guess that as joint account switches are currently not working, they’ve been told to say “it’s not possible”.

Given how early we are in the testing phase, and given they don’t have a date for actual release, id be very surprised if Monzo have made a decision to launch the joint accounts without CASS support.

Not that they won’t, but that have actually made a decision to say “Wheever we launch, we’ll do so without CASS”.

But… what do I know!? Lol.

True, Nick. Hopefully Monzo will take the “we need CASS” approach (and, equally, overdrafts) …

Starling decided to go without switching available, FYI.

I hear they also don’t have overdrafts yet… I’m sure it will come with time.

Our CASS implementation was built to support Joint Accounts and I believe we have successfully done a few tests with staff :raised_hands: As a COp has said, it isn’t currently possible to make an inbound CASS switch to a Joint Account as we haven’t built the in app screens for this :sweat_smile:

Coming :soon:


Loving your work, @HughWells

I’m going to go and be patient now :slight_smile:


Hey @HughWells - “not working” was a poor choice of words (it was late… I was hot and tired).

“Not available” would have been better - But I did say this earlier when @iansilversides shared the tweet from MakingMonzo showing that you guys had already completed a CASS on a joint account :slight_smile:

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Soon is fine. I’d prefer to wait rather than move loads of direct debits manually.
I suspect many other people will likely be the same.

I’d be happy to act as a test candidate for the joint CASS if you need to do public tests.


Hello, I have just switched mortgage today which means I am free to move bank an want to go from a Natwest joint account to my Monzo one. I have read on here that some people have been able to use the CASS with joint accounts already, even though this is not advertised as working yet. I was just wondering if anyone on here has successfully gone from a Natwest joint account to a Monzo one with the CASS service? Thanks.

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