✅ Support for Samsung Pay

The Andoid app is so far behind and there’s a lot more to come first…

But Samsung Pay support would be nice. I’d completely dismissed it for Android Pay until today when they rolled out support to the Gear S3 watch. It’d be nice to have.

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I have :slightly_smiling_face:

but we’ve not heard back from the team about this yet :confused:

The good news is that NFC payments (I’m guessing Android Pay will come 1st, before Samsung pay, as more users will be able to access it), are in the ‘Near Term’ list on the roadmap :tada:

What’s the benefit of Samsung Pay over standard Android Pay, other than having even more fragmentation?


None. It’s less supported, in my opinion not as intuitive, uglier and only works on Samsung phones…

But today they launched Gear S3 support - which now makes it worthwhile. You can pay with your Samsung Gear S3 (and I think S2) smart watch (same as apple pay and apple watch).

I have Android Pay as the default on my phone, but Samsung Pay on my watch. It works really well.

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+1 for this - would be nice to be able to use monzo with my gear.


It’s not a priority right now, and I can’t honestly imagine it will be any time soon. Android Pay works with Samsung phones, obviously, so by building Android Pay support we can offer a NFC payment option to all of our Android users. Therefore it’s not as if Samsung users wouldn’t be able to use NFC payments. Meaning the only devices left out in the cold would be Samsung wearables, of which the market share is incredibly small.

If it’s only a small amount of work to implement it (as in, a few hours max) then it’s possible one of our Android devs might be able to spend some time on it at some point, but we simply don’t have the resources right now, nor probably any time soon, given the amount of users that would actually benefit from it.


I totally get that - thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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I will also throw in a +1 for this. Having used both, I was surprised to find the Gear S3 better than the the Android Wear alternatives.


Android pay does not work with the galaxy s8 Oreo beta but Samsung pay does.
Would be nice to have a choice.


As a developer with too many feature requests in the backlog myself, I understand that this may be low priority, but I hope that it will happen at some point. Not only so I can pay using my Gear Sport, but also because Samsung Pay works better with public transport in London; you can nominate a card as your transport card and use it without unlocking your phone. With Android Pay you have to unlock the phone to use it.


Starling may have beaten Monzo to the launch of FitBit but with Samsung Pay missing from their timeline it gives Monzo a chance to steal a march on them by introducing Samsung Pay


I have the same issue that Android Pay doesn’t work with the S8 Android 8.0 beta, while Samsung Pay does. Would love to see support for Samsung Pay


Just been lucky enough to bag myself a Gear S3 from Santa, and I’m now almost in full swing for ditching my plastic and paper based currency. The only issue is that the Gear S3 only supports Samsung pay. Neither my legacy bank, Natwest, nor Monzo support Samsung pay. This leaves me unable to use the watch for nfc payments (obviously still got android pay on mobile).

Any update on a potential release date for Samsung pay?



I also have a Gear S3 and would like Samsung Pay


Does Android Pay not work on Android smart watches? Or is this Samsung being a dick and explicitly disabling it in order to push their own crappy alternative?

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Android Pay works on other brands of Android smartwatch but Samsung watches run Samsung Pay. It is not a crappy alternative as it does what Android Pay does but more, and has higher compatibility when travelling to the US.

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Samsung has tied up with Transport for London to let public transport users tap in and out at stations and buses simply by touching their phone against an Oyster Card reader - even if it is turned off.

While Android Pay and Apple Pay can be used on the TfL network, they require users to wake up their phone, something Samsung said slows commuters down.

To operate Samsung Pay for regular transactions, users must simply swipe up from a phone’s lock screen and verify a payment with the security pattern or iris or fingerprint scanner. They then have 30 seconds to touch the phone against a contactless terminal.

I’ve owned both android wear and Samsung now, which isn’t android it’s tizen, and I prefer tizen. So really it’s up to Google to write a tizen version of Android pay. Smart watches have come a long way in the last couple of years, but Samsung seem to have taken the lead in my opinion. I reckon they will corner the market if they keep on improving. So would say Samsung pay support is a sure way to gain the support of the none Apple geeks who also like to awkwardly pay for things by flexing their wrists in the wrong direction lol.


Would also like to see support for Samsung Pay

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Good article about Samsung Pay http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/05/16/samsung-pay-launches-uk-replace-oyster-cards/amp/

Still see no need for it.