The Monzo Community's Summer 2019 Wish-List!

Summer is here, it’s warm outside (when it’s not raining) and it’s been more than six months since we did the big Monzo Community’s Christmas list. So what better time to bring together all the big ideas from the community, put them in one place and have a bit of a poll?

The ideas below are mostly taken from the most popular ones on the Feedback & Ideas section - clicking on the heading should take you to that idea for more information. I haven’t included anything that’s in the works or is coming soon :soon:

In case you’re wondering why do this in one place rather than use the voting buttons on each idea, this is just to have a snapshot in time view - and to hopefully let people find ideas that they didn’t know were out there!

And finally, the usual disclaimer - this isn’t Monzo endorsed or approved. And there’s no guarantee that they’ll be developing anything on this list, let alone at the top. But hopefully by pointing out what folk want, there might be a possibility of influencing Monzo towers!

With all that said, let’s vote! Polls close on September 13th, because why not?!

*Bill Pots are :soon: but this seemed to be a bigger proposition, so I’ve kept it on the list.


A day in and some interesting results coming out…

:1st_place_medal: Currently in first place - Monzo Credit Card!

This one surprised me a bit - I didn’t think it’d be this popular! And I wonder how this might work - it’d be good to have this integrated into the app, particularly the budgeting function and potentially setting aside money from the current account into a pot when spending on the credit card…

:2nd_place_medal: Currently in second place - Improved Payee Management!

No real surprise here! Happily, though, I think this might be on @bruno’s list to fix after the home screen :crossed_fingers:

:3rd_place_medal: Currently in third place - Use income in as a trigger

This one took an early lead but seems to have fallen back now. Personal view - I think this is super exciting. Imagine being able to send the contents of a Pot to an external account when you get paid, or automatically move money into Pots when your salary lands… Exciting!

On the Battle of the Pays! :watch:
… FitBit Pay is leading Samsung Pay by five votes to four - or by 10% to 8% if you like that sort of thing!

Exciting, but a long way to go…

Anything that’s surprising anyone?

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Lack of love for depositing cash at Post Office


It’s so annoying doing this on a phone when most of the options are hyperlinks :weary: I must have really fat fingers, I keep accidentally hitting the links and losing everything.


Oh no! V sorry about that - hitting the check box should work, but I cheated and voted on my laptop :scream:

One of the major benefits of a credit card is…credit! Moving expenditure into a pot would create the same cash flow issues as using debit. I always pay mine off in full, but that doesn’t mean I hold the money upfront. I just use the card to push it past payday.

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Oh the new navigation didn’t make the list? :cry:


I’m all fairness, all them options are great :blush:

That’s already banked, Bruno! :hot_coral_heart:


On the payee management, we already have merge payees on Android but haven’t yet graduated from Labs. There’s lot of other improvements to make though.

If we worked on Payments, it would be a fairly big project because it wouldn’t be so much a payee management project but more bringing the Payments tab into the new navigation world. Of course payee management could be improved at the same time.


I personally want dark mode :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know it’s Coming :soon: but any updates on a full release for :monzo: Points? :eyes:

Cheque imaging in 4th despite Monzo claiming nobody wants it…


This makes me very very happy. (Hopefully it makes it onto the to-do list at some time! :crossed_fingers:)

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Hi, these are all exciting features for the platform. Some of the things that are mentioned here were already on the Christmas’s list 2018 and still not implemented yet. I hope they can be implemented too. Keep up the good work. Monzo credit card :credit_card:. That would be awesome :clap:

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Hey @rasasu :wave:

Just to be clear, this isn’t a Monzo endorsed poll - and many of the things on here may never come to pass, or might be developed in a really different way to how we might imagine them on here.

That’s not too say that the poll is pointless, but more like a bit of fun for the community while showing Monzo sort of thing that might be popular.

So, in that light, it’s not surprising that there are duplicates. What surprised me as I was pulling it together, though, was just how much things have moved on and how different the list (and the Community) feels now.


Any chance of that coming, especially with new iOS APIs for system-wide implementation? :eyes:

Pot statements/certificate of interest on demand please in-app please!


Can we add a response from Monzo on this thread please?

Joint accounts to get same features as solo!